66The agricultural heart cup Fan Tingyu beat Zhang Xu to help Chinese team scored three game winning s|The agricultural heart cup Fan Tingyu beat Zhang Xu to help Chinese team scored three game winning s6

The agricultural heart cup Fan Tingyu beat Zhang Xu to help Chinese team scored three consecutive wins Fan Tingyu Zhang Xu sina sports watch action figure chess   click here to watch live in Beijing on September 30th, the eighteenth session of the agricultural heart Cup fourth Bureau in Changbai Mountain two Baihe rural credit company white landscape production base of laozi. China pioneer Fan Tingyu 204 white hands to defeat Zhang Xu, the end of the first phase of the agricultural heart cup race to three wins, and won 10 million won winning streak bonus. South Korea will send Jiang Dongrun to play in the second stage. Prior to the game, Chinese pioneer Fan Tingyu caught the Korean players Li Dongxun the second half turnovers, beat the opponent in one fell swoop, two wins. South Korea and the seventeenth session of the agricultural heart cup, in 4 games without a win in the first stage. The current round of Fan Tingyu hit three winning streak, against the Japanese veteran Zhang Xu, the former had not played the record of the two, is a complete encounter. After first guess, Fan Tingyu the white again. The virtual disk Zhang Xu third hands directly linked to the upper left corner, don’t walk routine type layout, in order to put the game into the pace of fan is not familiar with the rhythm. Then the two sides in the upper left corner of fighting, Fan Tingyu a sharp prick at the black point, Zhang Xu can’t bear to be a combination of boxing opponents play chess, simply discard 5 bar conversion, but the result of the deficit is obviously black. When the Zhang Xu in the lower left corner of a piece of black but quicker maneuvers, periphery is too thin, do not make the whole. Then the black at the bottom and force, but was Fan Tingyu’s "Tai Chi" resolved. Fan Tingyu grabbed the first mobile phone will be above 4 even after the middle back, Zhang Xu field has been far behind. The advantage of Fan Tingyu in the lower right corner provoked an unnecessary Ko, the two sides converted white lead, but from the field or Fan Tingyu white card superiority. Fan Tingyu was not satisfied with a smooth win. But out of the lower right corner of the hands of robbery, robbery material with the advantage of forcing Zhang Xu compromise, white sunspot kill above 4, and make a pen. Zhang Xu saw the situation far, dices in 204 admits defeat. In this way, Fan Tingyu to help the Chinese team to a wave of three winning streak ended the first phase of the agricultural heart cup race, while winning a winning streak of 10 million won. The Chinese team of five players all in South Korea, Jiang Dongrun, Jin Zhixi and Pu Tinghuan have left. The Japanese team has left the river, Murakawa Daisuke and Iyama Yuta. The second phase of the agricultural heart cup will be launched on November 25-29 in Busan, South Korea, the South Korean team will send Jiang Dongrun played in the second stage, please pay attention to the relevant report on Sina’s heart cup. (Wen Xuan)