66Indonesian tax officials raided Google’s Jakarta office to search for tax evasion data|Indonesian tax officials raided Google’s Jakarta office to search for tax evasion data1

Indonesia tax officials raided Google’s Jakarta office to search for tax evasion data Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on September 29th evening news, Indonesia, before tax officials raided Google offices in Jakarta, Google to search for evidence of tax evasion. Indonesian Ministry of finance minister Mohamed · special case investigation department; Hanif (Muhammad Haniv) said in a telephone interview today, in the past two weeks, Indonesia tax officials repeatedly visit Jakarta and met with Google office, Google senior management personnel. Hanif also said that the Indonesian tax authorities have issued a warning letter on Google refused to accept tax audit. If Google does not cooperate, may face criminal penalties. Hanif said last week, Indonesia plans to investigate and recover unpaid taxes over the past 5 years, Google. Hanif was expected, Google may owe more than $400 million in 2015 alone. Prior to this, a number of European countries have been on Google’s tax investigation. The tax department for Indonesia in the raid, Google spokesman Midos (Taj · Kentucky; Meadows) in an e-mailed statement said: "Google in Indonesia has already paid all taxes payable." Hatif said: "everyone should abide by the laws of Indonesia, no matter who he is. If you refuse to accept the audit, we will continue to investigate." Khedive also said that if the tax evasion is found, Google may have to pay taxes of up to 4 times the amount of a fine. In January this year, Google reached an agreement with the British government, the British agreed to pay taxes for nearly 10 years, about 130 million pounds ($186 million). Subsequently, the French police and tax officials also conducted a surprise inspection of Google’s headquarters in france. At the beginning of February, the French finance minister · Michel (Michel Sapin); Saban said, Google asked the French tax authorities pay taxes will be much higher than the amount of taxes and the British agreed. June, the Spanish tax investigators conducted a surprise inspection of Google’s Madrid office, the same is to collect evidence of Google tax evasion. (Li Ming)