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66 Hai Qing together to explore the female workplace – Beijing – Jinling Evening News reporter Wang Jieyu Hai Qing in the hearts of the audience, "national wife" the image of the people, however, turned the "woman" after Hai Qing can in the role conversion freely, but many people worry about. However, under the control of the famous writer, screenwriter 66, an urban women’s growth inspirational drama, "the woman is not strong enough to be" was the most incisive interpretation of Hai Qing. The drama in the TV hit on Friday after landing Nanjing television channel emotion theatre, presents Hai Qing’s media people Zheng Yuqing growth, maturity and transformation of the whole process. The play, played by Hai Qing Zheng Yuqing from a student entering the workplace, risking exposure, drainage oil revealed excellent young reporter hospital shady and other major events, to be "colleagues chuanxiaoxie", deployed to the pension sector "work, this has been going to focus on the family, they encountered the newspaper leadership she was sacked, provoke a media group general manager, the proprietor of the beam. Zheng Yuqing Hai Qing is the life change radically most incisive interpretation. Zheng Yuqing "woman" image, is quite common in real life. 66 said: "such a title not only represents the hard struggle of women’s independence, but also implies that women in the workplace is far more difficult than men. Today, the degree of openness of society and the increasing awareness of self expression of citizens, the plight of women’s workplace can not be ignored." The play, Zheng Yuqing’s husband Lv Fangcheng in the workplace is not successful, and the guardian of the old classmates goofy make their marital crisis, but this time Zheng Yuqing’s career has just ushered in new opportunities. Facing the contradiction between career and family, how to choose? In this regard, 66 think, do not give the woman a word with a border definition, such as women should be how. I told myself, I don’t owe anyone, time is my own, I choose my most comfortable way of life. When there is a problem to discuss solutions, home is everyone’s business." Although there are keenly aware of and experience of their own, but the 66 with Hai Qing before shooting the drama specially vacated half the time to experience the newspaper practice, Hai Qing is in the role set aside a year schedule, but also shows the importance of the role of Hai Qing. During the interview, Hai Qing said she is facing the same troubles of life and Zheng Yuqing, such as the allocation of time occupation women, "on the one hand we want to accomplish something in the work, also want to have requirements on their own, to go above, and then come back to take care of home care for the elderly, care for children, take care of everything, really very very difficult". In order to work, Hai Qing is with her husband, two people take turns to take care of the family, had to shoot for Hai Qing, her husband is to resign, take a year off to take care of the family and son. In the child’s education, Hai Qing also have trouble, I can only do my best, but I did not pay attention to a little, his son did not write Math for two months, the teacher called me". Hai Qing thinks that he is not a woman, "I and Zheng Yuqing’s choice of life is the opposite, one is completely contrary to me, which makes me very curious, so I chose this role". However, in the interpretation of this corner.相关的主题文章: