65Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! 19 company executives rushed before their own stock holdings|Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! 19 company executives rushed before their own stock holdings8

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! 19 company executives own stock holdings in the preganglionic rushed from the public number: Data treasure before the National Day holiday, the market 3000 points battle continues. The trend of how executives of listed companies? According to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosure high Dong supervisor changes in shares, since this year, executives from their own stock of accumulated cash 36 billion 100 million yuan, each month showed a net selling situation. Specifically, despite the January holdings of more than 200 companies, the company’s holdings of 74, but the overall amount of change is still a net reduction. Monthly cash was the highest in June, involving the amount of nearly 10 billion yuan. July second, executives cash 8 billion yuan. Semi annual report disclosure intensive in August, by the time window effect, reducing the number of family dips, net cash amount is only 2 billion 500 million yuan. September so far, the two cities of the top 26 executives holdings, holdings of the company, the cumulative net cash of $4 billion 300 million in 152. Since hitting a high of 3140 in mid August, the market continued to shock down. In September 12th, the market tiaokongdikai, and the formation of more than 30 points upward gap has not recovered. At the same time, the National Day holiday, watching the market atmosphere, the Shanghai stock market turnover are maintained at 150 billion yuan below ground level. In the meantime, the 107 company executives their own holdings of shares, 19 company executives through the way of stock exchange auction, bulk transactions to sell holdings, the overall data show that since September 12th, executives cumulative cash 1 billion 653 million yuan net. Weak pattern, executives holdings of shares in particular concern. The 19 treasure data statistics, only the stock contains 7 small plates, the gem 4, Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboard 8. Industry distribution shows that most of the machinery and equipment to get together, including 4 holdings of shares; home appliances only 3; media, food and beverage, real estate, each of the 2 finalists. Data figure now, Wang is the holdings of GEM stocks Jiai Technology (300309, buy) since September 12th, executives holdings of shares 56 million 637 thousand and 500 shares, involving an amount of 857 million yuan. However, Jiai Technology Holdings has some particularity, according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange public information disclosure supervision Dong Jiangao column and related personnel changes in the shares, the transferor and the transferee for spouse. At the same time, according to the company recently issued a prompt notice of changes in equity, the controlling shareholder, actual controller Huang Wenzhi respectively in September 13th, September 20th, September 23rd, through the block trading system holdings of shares, and transferred to the controlling shareholder, concerted action to increase or decrease after Gao Huaixue, no controlling shareholder, the actual controller to change the situation. The amount of holdings of over 100 million yuan and as small and medium-sized board of GoerTek shares (002241, buy), chairman of the company, the actual control of Jiang Bin firm confidence in the future development prospects of the company and the stock price based on reasonable judgment, at present, in September 22nd to 267 million yuan of its own funds, the transaction system of the transferee asset holdings GoerTek No. 1 Peng asset management plan holdings of shares in the company, and promised in the holdings after the completion of 6 months does not reduce its holdings of shares. After the national day, three quarterly reports of listed companies will pull the curtain. According to the relevant provisions, the directors, supervisors and senior executives of Listed Companies in the 30 days before the regular report announcement;