65Henry Mourinho has a way to deal with Wenger Manchester United must win the title – Sports Sohu|Henry Mourinho has a way to deal with Wenger Manchester United must win the title – Sports Sohu2

Henry Mourinho has a way to deal with Wenger Manchester United must win title – Sohu sports Wenger and Mourinho is the Premier League’s old rival   this weekend, the Premier League will usher in the twelfth round of the competition, another version of "the focus of the war was staged at Old Trafford double red Manchester United Arsenal home court. This season, two teams start from Manchester straight after the downturn in the past 8 Premier League games only won 2 games, 11 games finished only got 18 points in the standings in sixth place, behind the first 6 points, 8 points behind the leaders; Arsenal’s poor start after a strong return, 11 games to get 24 points in the standings in fourth place, only 2 points behind the leaders. As the British media Sky Sports television commentator, Arsenal legend Henry, talked about the red war. Manchester United and Arsenal, Mourinho and Wenger is the Premier League game twelfth, 11 times before the former to the latter unbeaten, the Portuguese won 5 wins and 6 draws record. The game, Wenger can end the Premier League battle Mourinho embarrassing record, Manchester United will become a major aspect of arsenal. Henry bluntly, Mourinho always have the ability to win the upper hand on the Wenger, "can beat him, I mean in the Premier League in the league," said Mourinho. "Wenger. I think everyone wants to see what the end result of the game is. Mourinho’s tactics are often effective for Wenger, but to be honest, if he had a chance to win against him, what would happen to the final result of the game? "" "" """ Because of this game in the international game, both sides suffered FIFA virus attacks, Sanchez and Bellerin are Arsenal thigh ailments, United Party is even more so, Lu Kexiao, Si Malin, Valencia and Baili are old and sick, injured and Tim Rooney now list and Fellaini, Ibrahimovic is suspended. Henry frankly, this game for both sides, are extremely difficult, "for both sides, this game is very difficult, we will see how a united, will see a kind of Arsenal? The end of the international match day, it is not always easy, there will be many players back healthy? To be honest, it’s hard to predict." "For Manchester United, after the international break, with a victory is a very difficult thing, but they must do so, otherwise it will withdraw from the race." Henry said, "however, United want to win arsenal is not an easy thing, there have been the war against the Gunners team questioned, but their match against Chelsea, as we have seen. How will Arsenal play against Manchester United? Looking back on the last two games of the season, I’m sure it will be fun." (nineteen)