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What is the change of foot Lippi first show in China? The new nuclear establishment hold high the banner of the attack Zhang Xizhe highly reusable Guangzhou daily news (reporter under Lippi       Li Bin) Beijing time last night, the national team China Tuodong soccer stadium in Kunming Lippi ushered in the first warm-up match. In the second half of each 60 minutes of the game, Chinese final 5 to 0 victory over the Wuhan zall score, Gao Lin, Zhang Lin, Yu Dabao, Wu Lei’s foot. The temperature dropped sharply in Kunming yesterday evening, also began to rain, bad weather led to Tuodong Haigeng base stadium traffic becomes congested, had only 40 minutes away, the Orangemen took nearly 90 minutes to arrive at the stadium. The final decision will be the national football warm-up match postponed for half an hour, and Wuhan zall had said "without" natural, fully cooperate with the national football training. The final warm-up game set match time on each half an hour, and does not limit the number of substitutions. Lippi took to Hengda players dominated the lineup in the starting lineup, Yan Junling as a goalkeeper, Zhang Linpeng, Mei Fang, defensive line, Feng Xiaoting, Jiang Zhipeng, Zheng Zhi, Yu Hai, midfielder Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Yu Dabao, Gao Lin as a striker. Fifteenth minutes into the game, Zhang Linpeng in the use of personal ability even after over two into the restricted area, Zhang Lin finally buckle third defenders, broke his left foot shot burst. Twenty-first minutes, Zhang Xizhe road Zhise ball behind each other, Yu Dabao Xiecha after the ball to form single shot success. Twenty-fifth minutes, Zhang Xizhe front Fanqiang pass, Gao Lin plug push Kongmen score. Emphasis on the ground to promote   Zhang Xizhe reuse and national team tactics had obvious difference is that although the fullback assists before pressure greatly, but Lippi is still not completely through the lift attack, the offensive team is matched by a small range of layers to promote players. In defense, Lippi in office within a week to bring the country full of change also is not small, keep the team on the overall formation very seriously, space compression is always maintained in the range of 30 meters. Despite the relatively weak strength of the Wuhan zall team, but the national football warm-up match still can reflect the Lippi game, leading the team to the rhythm. Zhang Xizhe may become the core of the attack in the lineup of the Lippi national team, which had not been too much emphasis on the national team of players, played a key role in the tactics of the. His retracement of the ball as well as offensive organizations in yesterday’s warm-up match are very prominent in the first half he gave Yu Dabao and Gao Lin assists. Wuhan Thatcher had won a penalty chance in thirty-first minutes, but Yan Junling saved Yao Hanlin’s "spoon" penalty, his recent three face a penalty saved all. Forty-sixth minutes, Yang Zhi replaced Yan Junling. Eightieth minutes, Wang Dalei replaced Yang Chi debut. Three goalkeeper China team in this phase of training all in front of Lippi to show their status. The game, Zhao Mingjian, Zhang Chengdong, and so on, and so on, and so on, in the second half, the players, such as, Li Ang, Li Xuepeng, Cai Huikang, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the players in the second half of the game, and so on, and so on, and so on.