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The hospital total cost accounting under the fine consumables management Sohu health Peiai Liu Gang, Zhang Yan, Han, the 306th Hospital of PLA China, Department of medical engineering [Abstract] Based on hospital information platform of full cost accounting management, in fine management objectives, adhere to ensure the quality of medical care is the premise to accurate service department for the purpose of for the classification of consumables, carding, process optimization, improve the system, improve the mechanism, control costs and achieve specialization, modernization, meticulous and accurate management purpose. Someone will require personnel qualification in accordance with the "medical device registration certificate" to refine the classification of input software; relying on the management software to find the best combination between material demand and clinical usage; cost around mobile wireless technology to establish warehouse management; introducing traces of quality control, to achieve full traceability. Taking the patient as the center, the paper sets up the operation mode of paperless, information and network, and realizes the accurate service mode of medical consumables management. In 2013 the PLA No.306 Hospital by the full cost accounting approval, as the material basis for the hospital daily health care to ensure the successful implementation of the basic medical treatment, No.306 Hospital has a seamless medical consumables management software and financial accounting software. With the rapid development of medical technology, how to reduce the cost of medical care, how to realize the whole safety and risk control and supplies the minimum inventory, medical supplies must be reasonable care become a priority among priorities in the process of medical treatment, combined with the actual work from four aspects, software, personnel costs, quality control to explore, pursue specialized in medical consumables management direction of modernization, meticulous and accurate service, embody more adequate economic benefits. Methods and procedures (Method and step): 1 personnel software: regulate the supply channels and hand entry information to the entrance. .1 access to strict control, to ensure that the formal channels. All new supplies after application, functional departments and audit departments, the Committee of experts review committee, Ministry of equipment approval before admission. Material classification management level management requirements of supplies accounted for the degree of risk operation software III I approval admission formalities, strict management, full traceability system 40% highest value approval admission formalities, warehousing, strict traceability manufacturers 22% low value system II II approval admission formalities, strict management, full traceability of 4% high the high value of examination and approval system of admission formalities, in strict and traceable manufacturers 21% low value system I III approval admission formalities, the record 7% level value system supplies III approval for the other 6% separate values of.2 classification management system entry, clear focus. The following figure is for our hospital high and low value consumable information base in the use of supplies to sort out, according to the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "medical device classification directory" (III> II> I) to establish the appropriate management level. By?