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Guangzhou football legend Wu Qunli weapon   international competition ability to develop planning — Sports — people.com.cn original title: international competition ability to develop planning Wu Qunli is now the head of Youth Development Zone China arsenal. Guangzhou Daily reporter Xie Zekai – the 12 season opener before the start of an exclusive interview with the Guangzhou Daily has participated in the world cup in 1989 before the national football captain Wu Qunli, the Guangzhou football legend to experience their own ideas, suggestions for the orangemen. In 1989 Fourteenth World Cup qualifier 6 finals, the Orangemen first Saudi Arabia, Wu Qunli came off the bench in only 5 minutes to win the penalty kick hit the final super wheat, 2 to 1 win over the country. But in the subsequent game, the two foot of the national experience of black for 3 minutes, failed to qualify. In 1993 fifteenth World Cup qualifiers, Wu Qunli scored a goal in the first battle, help Chinese team than the 3 to 0 victory over the Jordan team, but the Orangemen still shayu. Two times World Cup in his memory, Wu Qunli think it is a pity that one is 1989, "only half a step to Rome" (the 1990 World Cup held in Italy). "The last two games too bad, even 1 wins and 1 losses or two are tied, we can win." Wu Qunli said. In the "Li Zi" view, the Orangemen for years only in 2002 successful once, the rest of the impact of multiple reasons or out in the work not completed, psychological problems. Turning to the black 3 minutes, Wu Qunli think the main reason is the team’s own mistakes, not how strong opponents, but our attention out of the question, as well as the game experience is a little worse. At that time there is no psychological counseling, Chinese football to develop, every aspect should pay attention to, which should include the psychological adjustment of players." In the 12 season opener in the foot, Wu Qunli think the Orangemen have no advantage, if you can draw with South Korea’s acceptable results. Because of the impact of China and AFC Champions League game, the national football team since August to participate in the competition is still intense, which makes the outside world quite worried internationas state. Wu Qunli said this, as the occupation player, players should have the ability to plan, especially when playing game intensive and big game, the game to try to adjust status, to ensure maximum fitness; to adjust the good mentality game, try to make the spot to play close to the training level; regardless of the outcome, should be adjusted as soon as possible after the game and prepare the game. "Now the players have this value if you do not cherish, that is their own problems." Wu Qunli said. (commissioning editor Yang Lei and Hu Xuerong)