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Barbecue provoke gout carcinogenic   how to reduce the risk on line? People.com.cn – Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: barbecue string line and how to reduce gout with cancer risk? Although it’s autumn, because the weather is still hot, many people still love to eat barbecue and beer hot weather in the evening. Although experts and scholars have repeatedly reminded, barbecue will not only cause cancer, may also cause gout, the body is more harm than good, but the string line or make a lot of people to resist temptation. If you really can not eat, how to reduce the risk? Pay attention to the cleaning of purine with good water solubility, can be used to barbecue ingredients with water to wash a few times, seafood, meat, etc.. The early curing ingredients can make the formation of heterocyclic amines reduced in the barbecue. Industrious change under the condition of turning in the ground, the surface temperature of the meat is relatively low, the carcinogens produced will be less, and uniform heating will reduce the baking time, but the premise is to ensure the cooked, otherwise easily lead to diarrhea. Some substances add seasoning thyme and sage in heterocyclic amine can hinder the health damage to the damage of harmful substances: mustard can inhibit the barbecue on health, and a little amount is sufficient. The study found that garlic juice and cinnamon, rosemary and pickled meat, can reduce the number of baked carcinogens. Fruits and vegetables with fresh vegetables and fruits to eat together contain a lot of vitamin C and vitamin E, vitamin C in the stomach with blocking nitrite and secondary amine binding, thereby reducing carcinogenic nitrosamines, and vitamin E has strong antioxidant effect. Many common vegetables and fruits contain a lot of cellulose, a good clean-up of the intestinal tract, can promote the excretion of carcinogens. Slowly slowly in addition to avoid eating too much, but also let peroxidase in saliva more decomposition of carcinogenic substances in food in general, more than 30 times the best chew swallow, especially for children. (: Sheng, commissioning editor Xu Xinyi)