6418 hot spots Warriors GM does not guarantee the transaction will be back next week, the book of book|18 hot spots Warriors GM does not guarantee the transaction will be back next week, the book of book1

18 hot spots: the warrior GM guarantee transaction soup God book next week – Ho sports Sohu Beijing time on November 18th, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click on the title to read more) 1 warriors GM: Thompson has promised not to exchange report he came from "the San Jose Mercury newspaper" said, the warriors general manager Bob Mayes said in the guest 95.7 radio when he had assured Thompson that the team did not exchange his plan. "I must have rumors, and Clare and his agent to talk about, this is part of my job," Mayes said, "rumors sometimes to put pressure on them, so I have to tell them the team idea." 2 Durant: I went to the green army didn’t have any interest in reporting from ESPN, the warriors will be on Saturday at the celtics. This summer, when Kevin – Durant to become a free agent, the green army had launched a fierce pursuit, but eventually chose the warriors KD. "I never want to go to the (Lv Jun) play, never go there," Durant said, "I know they have one of the League top 5 number of fans, to play there will be hush, but I really go to Boston for a no interest." 3 exposure thunder on the interest from Gaye to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe reported that informed sources, the thunder team is very interested in the kings Rudi Gaye flanking. Lowe said, "the thunder team has been interested in Gaye, they hope for Russell – Westbrook decompression." Leave in the offseason Kevin – after Durant Westbrook, although personal data is outstanding, but the overall strength of the thunder team dropped sharply, before the 4 game losing streak is the best evidence. "I got the news, the thunder team hopes to get a strong and tall flank," Lowe said, "they want to make Victor oladipo as sixth lead second team." 4 dream Green won the best defensive player for the warriors of the big four Drummond Green revealed his personal goal this season — to try to win the best defensive player of the year. In recent years, the dream is a strong contender for the award, but eventually lost to the Spurs, with Leonard. "This is the 1 award I want to win," Green said, "selfishly, I want to get the award." "I consider myself a defender, so to win this award," Green said, "it’s like, if I put myself as a scorer, then I will be very eager to win the scoring. This means that you want to be the best in your position!" Dream that he wants to get the best defensive player, Bikawayi must do better. "Leonard is an excellent defender, he in the past two years deserve this honor," Green said, "for me, must go further in the game." 5 Jeremy Lin has been under review next week at the "New York post" reporter Blaine Lewis revealed on twitter, the core of Jeremy Lin nets had a medical evaluation today, determined not to return in Saturday at the thunder game in.