62Theodosic eager to visit the NBA had refused to pursue the Rockets enthusiastic|Theodosic eager to visit the NBA had refused to pursue the Rockets enthusiastic7

Theodosic is eager to landing NBA rejected the rocket passion for Special Olympics VS dream team Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 24th, once again contest the final defeat to the United States, the European golden boy showing tremendous enthusiasm has finally made it clear that desire to the world’s highest basketball arena to enter. It is reported that, after showing tremendous enthusiasm with the central army contract expires in a year’s time, he hopes to make NBA. Although the NBA team wants to buy out his contract with the central army, but the central army does not agree. However, after the next year to become a free agent to join the NBA, the biggest obstacle to showing tremendous enthusiasm also eliminated the. In just the end of the Olympic Games in Rio, Teodosic led Serbia to reach the finals. In the semi-final showdown with Australia, he scored 22 points, out of the combination of Australia’s NBA Mills and the Delaweiduowa double control. Teodosic is seen as the best point guard in Europe, the United States men’s basketball coach K coach to appreciate him very much, as a player, defender, in Europe he is not inferior to anyone." NBA has long expressed interest in the team Teodosic, sources, the Grizzlies had to open a $2 contract for $5 million, but ultimately failed to succeed in. The rocket is also a hope to grab the last year showing tremendous enthusiasm of the team, the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey wanted to bring him to the NBA. In fact, since 2010, the Rockets began to pay attention to Teodosic, but unfortunately, he is not very interested in rockets. The Olympic Games PK Australian defender della Teodosic was, of course, there is not much interest in NBA, "I don’t think Danilovic and Spanoulis, joined the one or two season after the NBA back to Europe, they can only sit on the bench in the NBA." But now, his thoughts change. Teodosic has long been famous, coming out with European golden boy title. The 2007 U20 world championship he won the MVP award in 2009 he won the championship in assists, and in the 2009-10 season, he was also elected the best player in the Champions league. The 2010 Turkey World Championships in 1/4 finals, Teodosic three pointer from Spain, rage. (ACE)