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Lin Dan derailed, in the end is not the fault of Xie Xingfang pregnant? Sohu is a health last night entertainment news scraper: world champion Lin Dan derailed. And Lin Dan also made micro-blog apology, indirectly admitted the derailment. But at the beginning of the month, Xie Xingfang gave birth to a son, a family of three happy! Before and after Lenovo, Lin Dan derailed, it must be due to Xie Xingfang pregnancy, childbirth can not meet the libido! We can not explore the lives of people close to the couple, but this news, and some people want to discuss whether the sexual life in pregnancy. Some people will guess: you see, must be pregnant can not sex life, it led to the derailment of Lin Dan. I can tell you that a man is wrong. Whether it is suitable for women in pregnancy sexual life, is not a reason for men derailment. Although it has been said that the so-called love is to want to have sex with each other, love is the most fundamental cause of sex hormones. Sex hormones can cause sexual desire, people will have sexual impulse. But man is a senior animal, in addition to sexual desire and emotion, in addition to the emotional and moral and legal. Sex is good, but people can not be controlled by sex, and people should be able to control their sexual desire. A rational person should, of course, be able to control sexual desire when it is harmful to his wife and children. If you cannot control sexual desire, can also have a lot of ways of sexual gratification, such as Lu tube, plastic. And this is the most destructive way to satisfy the sexual desire of the way. A person derailed, not only hurt the other party, also has great harm to themselves. Because it does not conform to the mainstream cultural ethics. Although marital infidelity, emotional infidelity to private morality, but still will lead to the collapse of his idol image. When users to denounce, themselves have a certain reputation, career prospects may fall into the trough. An adult, do not use hormones to think about life. Sexual satisfaction is not the highest demand. Although sexual desire can not meet the reasons for not derailed men, but in marriage, pregnancy should take into account the sexual needs of partners, sexy. On the one hand can not be strict moral requirements, on the other hand, low standards of quality of life. So after pregnancy can not have sexual life. This is a detailed discussion in my book "to be a wise step into your mother". The following excerpt from the part of the text "be a wise mother". Pregnancy is abstinence? The woman became pregnant, and became a family. Because we are worried about your baby’s health, are more worried about the safety of so you care, holding in his hands out of fear, with the fear of the mouth. And you, just put the baby’s safety in the absolute first position, and the baby in your tummy, your natural homeopathic rise for the queen, enjoying the absolute level of treatment queen. It’s all right, whatever you want to eat, all of them will satisfy you. But have you left out your intimate lover? The disadvantage of abstinence during pregnancy is the link between husband and wife, the family has a new member of the family relationship has undergone fundamental changes. When the man is happy, I will feel cold, uncomfortable and uneasy. Such as.