62CBA is the most exciting yet staged a less formal return next month + Guo|CBA is the most exciting yet staged a less formal return next month + Guo9

CBA is the most exciting yet staged a less formal return next month Guo + new season the first round of CBA shows the scene 4 teams in contention of a hundred schools of thought, the most titles in the Beijing and Guangdong teams in successive away defeat, Xinjiang team and Liaoning team win easily. The fact is, CBA big screen has just opened, the most exciting play is not staged. The next 1 months, with Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun,, and more than the Shandong team players have returned, CBA will be more interesting, will be more exciting. A joint initiative with the Lakers after termination, have been identified to CBA. Return to the Guangdong team reported on the first day, did not adjust the time difference in the United Arab Emirates appeared in the team training hall. It is reported that the Guangdong team has been officially submitted to a joint application for registration Chinese association. Until now, China Basketball Association has no official statement, but sources said there is no problem in registration. There are indications that the Arab League is expected in November 2nd, the second round of the league, played in Guangdong and Shenzhen derby. Taking into account the Guangdong team in the first round of the humiliating 35 point defeat Shanxi team, so the Arab League in a timely manner to return to the Southern China tigers is very important. Before the start of new season, Chinese basketball finally clash last season in the NBA Finals Liaoning team players to open a ticket, Guo Ailun, He Tianju and Liu Zhixuan respectively, was suspended for 4 games and 5 games and 8 games. This means that, at least in the fifth round of Guo (November 9th) the Liaoning team at the Shenzhen team comeback, he will Tianju (November 13th) in the sixth round of the Liaoning team against the Jilin team back home court; as for Liu Zhixuan, his comeback time is November 20th, when the Liaoning team in the ninth round of the main scene of the Fujian team. Because Li Xiaoxu due to rupture of Achilles tendon is injured, so the first few League wheel Quebingshaoqiang team Liaoning, is the most difficult period of the season. The same in difficult times, and the Shandong team, they also have a number of players in the suspension period. In June this year, the event players conflict appeared in Hubei Huangshi international basketball tournament, Chinese Basketball Association decided to Wu Ke suspended 8 games (since last season and 4 game suspension was not performed, so Wu Ke is suspended for the 1-12 round). The other players involved in the fight, including Li Lin Yang Li, Xu Jiahan, Pan Ning, Jiao Hailong, Xu Yufeng, Liu Guancen and Sun Chunpeng, they were suspended for 3 games, is the fourth round of the new season to return. To some extent, the Shandong team is more serious than the Liaoning team. The first round of the league, the Shandong team has not been affected by the ticket, the home easily beat Bayi team. CBA ushered in the most ornamental season. The first round is wonderful, gone to become the main theme, but the most exciting contest yet to come. With the league’s depth, especially Yi Guo Shaodeng ace returned, CBA will become more and more exciting, also will be more and more aspect. On the other hand, some of the newly joined CBA aid in adaptation, "now includes Guangdong’s The climate does not suit one." Carlos Boozer and the Jiangsu team Samaerduo – Samuels et al. (Jimmy)