62After the delay has been done after the Yin than the times to prepare for next July or return to the|After the delay has been done after the Yin than the times to prepare for next July or return to the7

The extension foot is ready after Yin than time in preparation for next year in July or return to the K League Ibiza special correspondent reported Zhao Ta garland and the final round of the fight music score, the South Korean foreign aid than Yin garland has scored 8 goals and 6 assists dedication. There is a Yin than garland, the Yanbian civilian team suddenly raised the temperament, have a good overall view and penetrating pass Yin than garland control and scheduling of the midfield, the Yanbian team play very ornamental, in addition, there is a Yin than garland leaves the ball skills, 8 goals of two direct free kick the score has proved his value. However, next year’s super stadium, the Yanbian team had to face the embarrassment of Miss garland than Yin Yin, because Biyao return to Korea military service. The day before the domestic media broke the news, check the list of qualified Yin than garland was not selected South Korea military football team still state warrior team, even once speculation than Yin will face during military service without the ball can be played, in this regard, the exclusive authority of interpretation is a matter of military service than Yin garland. Go over Yanbian, Yin Jin Cheng than garland and fellow is the first to finalize the foreign aid, the ratio of yin and Yin garland foot sign for five years, but he will return to Korea to serve two years of military service, in fact, can play three years than Yin garland ball for extension of foot, Yin than in the first season of the super table now let the extension of his foot form dependence, once Yin than the left foot in the second grade, the extension will be difficult, if Yin than military service during the free play, so the occupation career future even to great frustration. The name "Yin Yin Yu sou" is very famous Yanbian football expert, not only very understanding of Yanbian football history, but also has its own unique understanding of Korean football, many of his views and data were domestic football authoritative data website. According to Jin Zhen, "this is a state of martial recruiting athletes age 27 years of age but less than 28 years of age, the age is born after October 12, 1988. Yin than garland was born in May 7, 1990, now he is only 26 and a half years old, less than 27 years of age, he is not eligible for." According to the analysis of real gold, although this period still state warrior released list did not recruit Yin than garland, not permanently defeated Sangju Yin than warrior team, warrior team next year to recruit players age was born after October 1989, which means that the Yin than garland in May 7th next year after the team also had time to apply for. One day in Yanbian and Greentown away games before the consultation on this issue than Yin garland himself, for this statement of the media, he was very surprised, even I do not know this thing (Kwangju martial, and I also released the list) did not submit the application for examination ah, how out of the election.?" It is not thought of Yin than garland on the military service, he was very low-key said his primary goal is to help the Yanbian team in the contract period to play a good game. But the Yanbian team either staff or Yin than Garland’s teammates, to laugh than Yin news list of military defeat, "these people are really worrying." Obviously, Yin than garland not worried about whether during their military service can continue to play this problem,"