61Manchester City 49 million wing thanks to 1 people let me get the grace of Guardiola|Manchester City 49 million wing thanks to 1 people let me get the grace of Guardiola6

Manchester City 49 million wing: thanks for the 1 people that I scored Guardiola Stryn and de Blau Hei grace is Guardiola on two weapon sina sports wear 49 million pounds, to join Manchester City first season Stryn can only use the staggering to describe, next, after a nightmare of the European Cup, former Liverpool team gold wing see will fall when Guardiola appeared to save him. Now Stryn has become a weapon of city’s attack, even more erratic footed. After the European Cup period and Guardiola a in-depth exchanges, Stryn has confidence, but this season in Guardiola’s, the England winger is only Guardiola grace, is set in the old city will be the most Guardiola trust and rely on. This week in the Champions League group phase second round, Manchester City visit to Scottish Celtic giants, Stryn will usher in the former mentor Rodgers’s challenge, he said, it is Rodgers that a culture, to make you can now by Guardiola’s pet". "Rodgers taught me a lot, and I learned a lot from every coach during my career, but Rodgers is definitely one of the most important mentors I’ve ever had. He is really a great person, he let me try to play in different positions, let me share and play different roles in different tactical position, let me know and understand the tactical system and different functions, so that I can be in the hands of Guardiola today, playing in a different the position with ease, Rodgers gave me confidence." Stryn was promoted by Dalgliesh to the first team in Liverpool, but really let Stryn grow and shine, but it is Rodgers. "It was Rodgers who gave me the chance to play in the Premier League and gave me the chance to play and give me enough confidence." And when it comes to the outbreak of the season, Stryn is grateful to Guardiola. He let me enjoy the goal of pleasure, let me enjoy the ball hit the net, the goalkeeper from the ball in the net scooping the sense of accomplishment. Not only me, Guardiola gave every one of us great confidence, he every game before the speech is so impassioned, he let you go on the pitch at the moment immediately head." (Alduin)