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Careers-Employment The fashion industry is one of the most sought after career destinations amongst todays youth. An increasing number of graduates in India are opting for a career in the glamorous world of fashion. What are your options in the field, read on to know. Fashion designing, technology and management- all these streams of fashion promise a highly rewarding profession for people with a creative bend of mind and a flair for spotting and defining trends. People blessed with an artistic touch as well as an inner design sensibilities need to hone their natural skills and be trained to meet the expectations of professional world. There are many fashion institutes in Delhi, India, which claim to be the expert fashion trainers. But in truth there are only a handful of fashion learning centres which really know what they are talking about, and deliver what they promise- training students in the art of fashion designing and management. Fashion Designing A closer look at the art of fashion designing will tell us that while talent for design is the key ingredient in the trade, other technical training and techniques are important too. Technical areas like garment manufacturing technology, apparel construction methods, textile science, fabric dyeing and printing, .puter-aided design need to be explored by a fashion student in the expert guidance of best teachers. Fashion designing involves different branches of designing and even though every realm of this creative professional is different, the basic requirement remains the same- you need to have a sense of style, and an eye for detail and ideas to make a regular piece of clothing really stylish. A course in fashion designing from a reputed institute will train you to enhance your inherent skills for design and will expose you to the global fashion trends in designing. You will learn to assess the international trends in fashion as well as use that assessment in your unique designs and product development. The global fashion industry requires creative designers with an understanding of fashion at an international level, and with a suitable fashion designing course you will be trained to serve and lead the fashion export industry. If you have been blessed with a penchant for fashion, a natural flair for creativity and interest in the way fashion works, then you can make a successful career as a fashion designer working with international names in the style industry. Fashion Management Graduates with a sense of fashion and acumen for business can opt for fashion management as this course will lead them to a rewarding career with massive opportunities. As a fashion export merchandiser, you will manage fashion brands by taking care of costing, quality, and other merchandising functions. Pursuing a fashion management course will polish your personality too as your interpersonal and .munication skills will be enhanced. You will interact with different cultures around the world- tied together by the knots of fashion preferences. You will benefit from the ever growing demand in USA, Europe & Middle East market for Indian fashion products. Global brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ann Taylor, DM Corp, and Club Monaco will be within your professional reach and expertise. Fashion management as well as designing courses at the post graduate levels are offered by leading institute of fashion designing in Delhi . So find a reputable institute and get enrolled for a stylish and successful future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: