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UnCategorized Apart from finding a solution to all our problems or inventing challenges for ourselves, one of the greatest ways to happiness is having a positive attitude towards life and thinking positively. One should not be an ostrich who hides face in the sand and thinks everything is peachy when it is not. You should always look at life with a sense of hope and optimism. In one study done at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Unities States of America, happy subjects were more hopeful about their wishes than their less sanguine peers. It is not that their wishes came true more often; they just expected them to .e true. The secret to turning your outlook around is to start thinking positively right now. It is one of the smartest ways to happiness. By expecting to have a great day, by identifying negative thoughts, and countering them with positive or neutral ones, and by embracing challenges instead of fearing them, you will stop looking at the darker side constantly, and will also grow as a person. The effortless ways to happiness include being positive and looking for the good in every aspect of life. According to experts, the secret to true happiness or one of the ways to happiness lies in making a habit of looking for the good and positive in your life. For instance, just by taking a .pliment for your outfit in the positive way shows how you conduct the gratitude ritual with an optimistic approach. Some experts re.mend that we should write down our ‘five’ happy things before going to bed, so that we drift off to sleep and end our day on a positive note. This positive energy will help us look forward to the next day with .plete buoyancy, cheerfulness and optimism. By recollecting our good thoughts or new or good experiences of the day, help us feel good and positive about life instantaneously. There may be many ways to happiness, but the simplest technique to be happy is by having a positive attitude towards our selves. Being too critical will never take you to Blissville. The things that you tell yourself have an impact on your mood and body. The negative thoughts trigger the release of stress chemicals that make you feel worse. To end the self-sabotage, make a decision to be nicer to yourself. Pay close attention to your thoughts and when you find yourself having negative thoughts replace it with positive ones. For example, if you make a mistake, stop the ‘I am so stupid’ message, and replace it with ‘Everyone makes mistakes and I have learnt from this one. Good for me.’ In this way we not only get rid of the negativity within us, but also begin to have a positive approach towards life which the one of the best ways to happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: