610 years every day care workers care vegetables finally aroused the erhu (Figure)|10 years every day care workers care vegetables finally aroused the erhu (Figure)

Nursing care of vegetables daily for 10 years erhu finally aroused (Figure) original title: Wuhan clinical nursing workers a "vegetative" 10 years every day to pull the erhu to be awakened by the pictured: push Liu in Donghu Lake relax figure for: years of nursing work, let Li Chenglin learned to use electric cooker cooked delicious dishes Li Chenglin story has almost become a reputed hospital care workers in a legendary Chutian Metropolis Daily news when one of the nurses, nursing a patient to up to 10 years, during which in the hands of the erhu, originally is the vegetative patients "wake up". The story of Li Chenglin, almost become a legend in Jiangcheng hospital nurse occupation. 60 year old Li Chenglin is Jiangxia District village, a barber craft, since 2006 when the city hospital workers. Liu Ming (a pseudonym) is his first patient care, but also his ten years of the only patient care. Take care, Liu Ming due to dilated cardiomyopathy attack has been in a coma for nearly 3 years, known as a vegetable. Li Chenglin started 24 hours to take care of Liu’s daily food and clothing, wash clothes, eating could be given medicines, turning over big pee, he care skills quickly become skilled. Li Chenglin develop a habit of pushing Liu went out for a walk, in the east side of a lake in the park, he will in front of Liu coma, while talking pull a erhu. Before the Spring Festival in 2011, Li Chenglin was pulling the erhu, a wheelchair Liu Ming suddenly smiled. Since then, has been declared as a vegetable Liu Ming woke up from the wheelchair. Wake up Liu Ming from the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University to continue with Li Chenglin Liyuan hospital, a hospital room. "With general hospital to the rice cooker, but for us lenient, allowing at noon I use electric cooker hot meal, we eat together." Li Chenglin said that these years has long been his two year old Liu Ming as a pro brother. In Jiangcheng this winter, the snow up. Li Chenglin to Liu Mingli layer wrapped Yanyanshishi, back out of bed on the wheelchair and pushed him to the house to see snow, Liu Ming like a child grinned. Lao Li said that now his greatest wish is to hope that Liu Ming can stand up, as long as I need to be accompanied by him, until I do not move." Photography Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Qu Yan text Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Lihan correspondent Zhang Xiang, editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146