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China University Basketball Tournament 42 points Tsinghua defeat Standford [introduction] Beijing sports Sohu in November 10th Fifth Chinese College Students Sports Art Week is currently being held in Shanghai last night, the China University Basketball Tournament, representing China played Tsinghua University to 56-98 defeat Stanford University, lost 42 points. Source: tiqiu recommended reading: 34+23 Sichuan wins kendiya Haddadi defending champion who said no single foreign aid China University Basketball Match 42 points Tsinghua defeat Standford the Sports Art Week game consists of four teams at the Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University on behalf of the United States Chinese played for the Stanford University and the Harvard University. Tsinghua University and Stanford University, the strength of the gap is obvious, the first section of the game, the Tsinghua University will be fully suppressed opponents, only 9, Liu Lei performed well, cut down 10 points. At the end of the first game, Tsinghua University to 14-23 behind. The second section of the gap between the two teams is bigger, half finished score into 28-52, Tsinghua University, a full 24 points behind. Easy to fight again, the situation is still no improvement, in the face of strong competitors, Tsinghua University can only try to deal with them. But the end of the three quarter, the two sides still maintained a difference of 28 points, which means that the whole of the fourth has become a waste of time. But even the garbage time, Stanford University does not intend to stay, both ends of their full advantage, the Tsinghua University had no strength to fight back, the entire section of the game only got 11 points, the final 56-98 to lose 42 points. Tsinghua University, Liu Lei scored 14 points, Wang Ke, 10 points, the rest of the players score in a single digit. The opponent scored four pairs, of which two were 20+. Stanford University has won 1 National Championships in history, 7 League Division champion, 17 NBA championship NCAA, 5 reached the Sweet 16, the team has produced 26 national player of the year, 74 League Division player. But from the record, Stanford University was not NCAA in the super team, even so, they can also win over Tsinghua University, can be seen from the two countries in the level of basketball, there is still a huge gap. You might also love: GuoShao miss Liaoning Shenzhen Han German 22+16 taught Li Muhao to reverse the man’s umbrella is not zero tolerance HeiShao CBA referee also need supervisor Yi Jianlian return to Shandong had paid poaching Guangdong coach Du Feng at Shandong high