60King Ting or Mack Daddy! Coach praised Zhu Ting is class player|King Ting or Mack Daddy! Coach praised Zhu Ting is class player5

King Ting or Mack Daddy! Coach praised: Zhu Ting is class player Zhu Ting No. 4 breakthrough sina sports news Istanbul news October 8th, Saturday soil giants Keifer bank local time and tile women’s volleyball Champions League last season casalmaggiore played a friendly match, the Zhu Ting arrogate 20 points to help the Bank of Keifer watts 3-1 opponents. After the game, coach Keifer watts bank guidotti praised: "Zhu Ting is a phenomenal player!" The world cup and the Olympic Games double MVP Zhu Ting has 20 days of the new owner Keifer watt bank before the training, Zhu Ting bluntly at a news conference on the hope that the new season the team champion again. The Zhu Ting wore Jersey No. 5, the host introduced to win the audience cheers. When asked about the goals of the new season, Zhu Ting admits: I hope to get the first league title in life!" Zhu Ting in the new season Zhu Ting joined the Keifer watt bank is less than a month, although it failed to grasp the Turkish and English, but she can communicate with my teammates and coaches are independent. Tile Keifer bank coach said that although Zhu Ting came to the team for a long time, but its excellent ability to adapt, and soon put her into the team, the. "So far, there is still a barrier to communication, but that’s not a problem. Because volleyball is volleyball, sometimes you don’t have to say too much, volleyball can communicate everything. Zhu Ting’s ability to adapt is excellent. Her strength is outstanding, has the good talent, everybody likes her very much, is willing to play with her, the coach also is willing to teach her. Everyone is very happy to be able to join our team, she is a phenomenal player!" In an interview with Guidetti praised Zhu Ting. The game, Zhu Ting again with their wonderful performance to conquer the teammates and the audience, with their scores again and again, her name is constantly ringing in the venue. 18 this month, Zhu Ting will travel to Philippines Manila at the club world cup. (birdsong)