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Iran home court referee + + mess! Wai gang fights fireworks fear of escape punishment of Iran of Qatar in conflict risk brawl police admission isolation both sides carried out in September 1st September 4th, Tencent sports a World Cup match, Iran 2 to 0 victory over the home court. Although Iran won. During the course of the game, in addition to Iran after the end of the first half surrounded the referee, suddenly a massive conflict broke out in the second half and Qatar team, eventually the police and security to maintain order entry. Iran home court 2-0 Qatar, during the game the two sides are also put cold fireworks, brawl, referee has been unable to control the order… From the scene of the video can be seen, the first is a Iran home court staff at Qatar coach carreo, Qatar players ignited fury, the two sides in pushing the escalating conflict. A Iran player, then make a "movement" of Qatar striker Sebastian, two people immediately beatings, almost caused a collective group of players of both teams. Finally, under the efforts of the two coaches to stop, the conflict has gradually eased, but eventually wait until the scene of the police arrived, the conflict was finally subsided. It is understood that because of the riots, the game was suspended for 6 minutes. So, what the conflict is causing it? It turned out that the referee of the referee on the spot early dissatisfaction with Iran, several teaching assistants repeatedly left the coach of the game fourth officials roar. The first twenty-seventh minutes, the referee a penalty has attracted more than Iran players and coaches containment. Even at half-time, the referee was also the Iran coaches around the circle for "statement". In the second half second minutes of stoppage time, Iran scored a goal, Iran coach almost all impulse admission to celebrate, and Qatar provocative words that eventually lead to a large-scale conflict in the video. At the same time, the Iran fans is even more of a Iran home court battle to secure to rely on. Qatar stands abusive players and fans in Iran have words can be heard without end, after the goal, even the fans put the fireworks in the stands. So that the Iran home security in maintaining the order of the stadium, but also had to take part of the energy to guard against possible commotion in the stands. The 12 game of the first game, Iran home to make such a big move. Although Iran has always been to "the devil home court" proud, but evolved into fights and containment of the referee, but any rule will not allow the. It is unclear how the AFC will make the handling of the Iran home court like this phenomenon, but if not early punishment and eliminate, Iran’s home court in the next game, there will be a kind of farce.