60Huang Jianxiang the national funding is not enough to spend the country to give adequate (video)|Huang Jianxiang the national funding is not enough to spend the country to give adequate (video)6

Huang Jianxiang: China funds are not state funding flowers for the Orangemen [] review China’s reasonable planning history farewell "konghan" kanghan Gao Jun August 31st Tencent looking to break sports news Beijing standard time on September 1st 19, Russia 2018 World Cup Asian zone 12 match in the first round, the Orangemen will be on the road against South korea. China Football Association in order to incentive the country foot soldiers to win, but also provide the best guarantee for our life, at the same time with rewards, there are a lot of people have criticized. Huang Jianxiang also showed support of the full attitude, said the football money is earned by the market, in the country full body perfectly logical and reasonable with the money. The Sino Korean War Huang Jianxiang vehemently triggered at any moment questioning voice to start shelling "country foot, tomorrow 12 strong match. Some people criticized the Charter criticism. I think these people have not been clear what is the professional sports market economy, what is the planned economic administrative sports. Football is not a national money, money is earned from the market, not to steal. The money spent on guaranteeing the nation’s foot is better than being handed over to the authorities who don’t know how to spend the money, such as buying illegal drugs. Those who score sarcastic football, you can’t see it, fuck you? Football is the world’s first movement, so cattle, refused to hold back. In accordance with the Charter and not bad grades, not to win the award does not qualify logic, lost the ball also sent to the work. Especially some sports also eat rice, eat the occupation of ball games has also jumped out to pick up cheap counterparts on a football, I don’t feel yourself liuhoulu you do the jobs you end, earn less? Are the qualifying bonuses less? Have dinner in a slot, then don’t look inside a shit." Huang Jianxiang social media screenshot many users also to Huang Jianxiang behind, "there must be rewarded under Isao, Chinese football can really qualify, reward is not more than 6 hundred million feet in. Besides, Wang Shoufu’s goal is 1 hundred million, but the implementation of national football goals ";" look around, know who said, anyway, now China football is a spittoon to children, who spit slobber, do what is right, not wrong two years ago also reported that the national team to help too little Logistics suck, now it was awesome spray, this money is what money in the occupation football, do not know who is not seen or selectively ignore ";" the words of this to give money to the players, so that they do not have to worry about these things, small mind seriously, to play, this thing is not what money wrong, the first thing in the management of the foot of the Chinese, football will develop. However, the people who criticize the country for the irony of the country just don’t know what the real football is, they are not bad, just ignorant." (drop)