Develop Your Own Crowdfunding Websites Using Kickstarter Clone-追踪309

Software Concept of crowdfunding: There are two sectors of people in the world, one who has energy to work but have no funds, another sector of people have money but no energy. A concrete concept united both the sectors of the people and creates a winning situation for both of them. Facts of crowdfunding: Around 21 million dollars are funded by a famous website called as Kickstarter. It has earned over 2 million dollars in a short span of time. 145 thousand dollars are funded every day in the USA. Around 9.4 billion dollars are funded by angel investors till date. Build your website in minutes: Why spend hours of handwork and build the site, when there is an economical solution to build a website in minutes. Yes you have read it right. This can be possible if you apt a clone script. It can save the cost of developing coding and designing a website. It also has all the necessary features in built in it. Manage users easily: Admin should have the complete information about the users. It should provide the source of their logins, their IP address, their geographical location, Login counts, export users’ details, a communication system and monitoring user messages. This empowers the admin to have full control of their users. Manage your projects easily: An admin should be able to monitor the projects, flag the project, delete, edit, and suspend the project.It should also let the admin know how much funds are collected in the project and the commission he has received through that project. He should also know the user who posted the project and also comments posted on his project. He should also know how many people are following his project. In this way an admin should have the supreme authority to control various projects on his website. Payment management system: The admin of the site would require all the payment transaction detail on the website. So look for a Kickstarter clone which has this feature handy. Anti spam control: Choose a clone script which has exceptional anti-spam capabilities to avoid spam users and bots entering into the site. This will assure you that you will never have spam projects for crowdfunding and hence the credibility of the site will be maintained. Final word: Choose a crowdfunding script which has all these exceptional capabilities and a good admin interface. Also look forward for a Kickstarter script which has maximum features. Start your website as early as possible and start earning spontaneously. With best wishes James Vital About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: