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The public 6 floor window is not installed small theft stolen two wire daily news (reporter Fang Fang) because of his cash strapped man over the balcony climbing out of the window into a household decoration in the home, take a bath and stole two wire two clothes. Eventually, the man was arrested on suspicion of theft by Kunshan police according to law. In recent days, the Kunshan Municipal Public Security Bureau police station received an alarm more than one person, said someone into his home to take a bath. It is understood that more than a home is being renovated, he did not live there, the same day to clean up, found that someone had used his bathroom, home two clothes and fewer than two coils of wire, Yu Mou immediately dialed the alarm 110. According to the Mou provided clues, the police through the retrieval of the incident time monitoring, saw a man holding the two wire take the elevator to leave. After the police patrol in the cafe, to see a man with very similar physical characteristics into more than a theft suspect in the home, the police immediately to carry out routine inventory, upon inquiry, the man admitted that fan sneaked into the theft of others home illegal facts, then the police will be brought back to the police station for further questioning. After investigation, the incident that day, fan after entering the community, take the elevator to the 15 floor, down from the target for opportunistic theft. He saw a house on the 6 floor, the windows are not installed, it is determined that there is no one living, from the corridor into the balcony of the family, after climbing into the window, took a bath and put on clean clothes, and then took the two coils of wire left. At present, fan was arrested on suspicion of theft by Kunshan police administrative detention according to law.相关的主题文章: