5The wind sail just — four pilot reform of the judicial system in the country open – Theory – people|The wind sail just — four pilot reform of the judicial system in the country open – Theory – people

Wind just sail — the reform of the judicial system of four pilot will be in the open – Theory – People’s network, the original title: wind just sail — the reform of the judicial system of four pilot will in the open end of the year drew to a close, deep restructuring of the central, the 19th Meeting of the conference to make an important decision, 2016 in Beijing, Tianjin and other 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps timely and open judicial system reform pilot. This is the third batch of pilot reform of the judicial system, it means that the pilot will be open in the country. From the point to the surface, sustained force. Since 2014, the central deep restructuring passed 33 judicial reform document, the 2015 is 22, central politics and Law Committee, the central political unit issued judicial reform document number has reached 157. The wind sail just. In 2016, with the deepening of the reform process, reform measures to take root, reform of the judicial system of the positive role in promoting will increasingly prominent. Pilot the procuratorate and the court to achieve from the "want me to change" to "I want to change change in June 2014, the central government decided to carry out the reform of the judicial system in the four basic, the system measures the first batch of pilot reform, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other six provinces and municipalities among. "Just identified the first batch of pilot, we go to Guangdong investigation, prominent impression is procuratorate have misgivings about the reform, worried that appearance as a judge of resignations, produce a lot of backlog, fear of difficulty relatively strong." Speaking of an investigation in 2014, the central political and Legal Committee of the rule of law, the construction of a deep feeling. After a lapse of more than a year of research, found that the concept is completely different, the reform has seen the results. Before the pilot courts have this kind of fear, through more than a year of practice, and now generally require reform, to achieve from the "to me" to "I want to change". Now in Guangdong, the province’s courts at all levels of the general requirements of the court to join the pilot. In line with the principle of active and steady, currently identified Shenzhen, Shantou, Maoming, Foshan four original pilot city to carry out a comprehensive, other all city intermediate people’s court, city procuratorate and each city selected two primary school pilot. Reform of the judicial system to expand the scope of the province’s court’s Procuratorate 57%. Shanghai, Jilin, Hubei, Hainan has been opened in the province. Such changes have been achieved in the practice of judicial system reform. Since the reform, central politics and Law Committee actively coordinate relevant departments, improve judges and prosecutors according to an independent and impartial handling of judicial responsibility system at the same time, strengthen job security, advance judge prosecutors a single job sequence and wage system reform, and the establishment of judicial personnel classification management career development path. Powers and responsibilities of the case, the independent investigators, a separate post sequence – the reform of the career prospects for more outstanding investigators to return to work in line with the backbone of the first post. Statistics show that, after the reform of the court in Shanghai City, the first line investigators increased by 18.5%, the first line of handling power in Jilin province procuratorate reform before the reform increased by 23.6%. In Shenzhen Futian Procuratorate, 188 formerly deputy chief procurators, chief case approval authority decentralization to the chief prosecutor, reduce the links in examination and approval, highlighting the judicial status of prosecutors. With the implementation of the judicial responsibility system, the formation of the new team of investigators, law