5The girls make up 4 months spent about one hundred thousand not up to the requirements of the new se|The girls make up 4 months spent about one hundred thousand not up to the requirements of the new se

Girls make up a missed lesson 4 months spent more than 100000 examination did not rise grandpa asked refund – in new network on July 13, Mr. Meng from Shenyang to Shenyang evening news hotline call: "I am the child’s grandfather, 4 months before the examination, the children make up a missed lesson spent a lot of money, but not improve test scores, this is not the white fill? I think the remedial mechanism lied to us, I want to go back to classes!" Intention: achievement in the middle reaches of to improve to the upstream retirement Mr. Meng has been engaged in educational work, granddaughter Landry is single handedly brought him and his wife, to the growth of his granddaughter, Mr. Meng paid a lot of energy and material resources. When he retired, he spent most of his energy on the children. Children’s parents are the main guardian, big event also have their parents call the shots, they are mainly in the old two logistics work to do to ensure that children eat enough to wear warm. Mr. Meng said, granddaughter versatile, taught her teacher said that the child is quite clever. But the child’s academic performance has been in the middle reaches, the whole family want to try again, so that when she was in the middle and upper reaches of the test results. For how to improve performance, the whole family differences, Mr. Meng said: "mother and child racking their brains to find the children all the remedial classes, to make up a missed lesson spent a lot of money, the child is very tired. From the outset we do not agree with makeup." Divided: mother support make up a missed lesson, Grandpa don’t quite agree with this year in February, the family found children to learn is not cored, mother and child is very anxious, ask around where there are good teachers make up a missed lesson. Previously, the child is only a math class on Saturday, other subjects did not make up. Later, the children began to fill other families. Mother has got 3 remedial mechanism, the children’s spare time for a full. Preparing for the examination of more than 4 months, LAN LAN is really tired, parents are also very tired. Away from the road, mom or dad drove the children to. 3 remedial institutions, there is a close to home, Landry himself to go to class. Mr. Meng is not assured, as long as there is free to follow Lan Lan, waiting for the children. Mr. Meng found that teachers make up a missed lesson is very easy, not how to teach, there are several times to take a piece of examination paper for children, children finish the examination paper, a half an hour basically also passed. "I feel and make up a missed lesson have little effect, might as well let the children at home, school, training organization commitment have the effect, I am worried and told her daughter don’t let the children fill. But in the process of make up a missed lesson. I don’t know institutions teacher with children what to say, feel the child been brainwashed, he came back home with mother love make up a missed lesson. My daughter heard that children love makeup, more full support." Mr. Meng said. Cost: a class of 500 yuan, four months more than 100000 a to make up a missed lesson, and high cost, a lesson (90 minutes) charges 500 yuan of above. Some classes, and even the mother to find acquaintances to add in. Mr Meng has also been to the two little far some of the training institutions, the same price, I think the same price. "The cost is really high, the whole family live frugally, I could not even make a car. The key is the effect. I also engage in education, has been feeling so useless, but the results have not been announced, I do not say anything." High school entrance examination results