5Taiwan Riyuetan Pool morning misty smoke ink landscape poem environment (Figure) – Sohu news|Taiwan Riyuetan Pool morning misty smoke ink landscape poem environment (Figure) – Sohu news

Taiwan Sun Moon Lake in the early morning smoke Piaomiao splash ink landscape poem environment (Figure) – Sohu News, sun and moon lake water vapor Yinyun, "water agency Dian Zi waters of the poetic beauty environment. (figure from Taiwan when the electronic newspaper ") in January 26 & nbsp; according to Taiwan’s" China Times "reported," Wow, this is simply the splash ink landscape. " Cold weakened, the rise of temperature, dense water vapor Sun Moon Lake in the early morning of the 25th, from Tan tou, Lalu Island, water agency dam to the man Mo Temple waters, surging, a vast expanse of water out of the scene, attract many tourists and professional photographers Zhuzu, hunt the edge of the lens edge boast "beautiful, beautiful." Won a number of awards in international well-known photographer, water Salem art Photographers Association a president Liu Xianren said the most beautiful scenery of the Sun Moon Lake, at the moment of weather change, such as the frontal passage and leave, sunny rain or fog, is dispatched photographers of the best time, sunny photograph to beautiful though beautiful, but is less a little flavor. Sun Moon Lake, the day before yesterday (24) sudden cold, early in the morning to 7:15 PM to 7 point 45 points between, weather station measured 0.7 degrees Celsius, a local 1963 (minus 0.3 degrees) since the record low temperatures; yesterday morning the clouds parted, the temperature rose, Lalu Island, Hanbi Peninsula, Hyun Ji waters near smoke Piaomiao, such as real magic, beauty let a person gasp in admiration.