5Russian officials will meet in Syria for talks to prepare – International – people.com.cn|Russian officials will meet in Syria for talks to prepare – International – people.com.cn

Russian officials will meet to prepare for the Syrian peace talks – International – People’s network, the original title: Russian officials will meet for talks in Syria to prepare U.S. State Department spokesman John? Kirby 19 in a press conference said, the United States Secretary of State Warren will with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei vraz rove met, Syria for consultations. He said that the United States is expected to be held on time, but due to the views of all parties is not unified, but also the need for a variety of efforts. It is understood that Kerrey will meet with Lavrov in Zurich, Switzerland, 20. After that, Kerrey will fly to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi Syria with senior officials to discuss. UN Secretary General Haq, 18, said that the current parties on Syria’s opposition parties will be invited to participate in next week’s peace talks have not yet reached a consensus, the United Nations is still committed to promoting peace talks held on schedule. On December 18, 2015, the UN Security Council on a political solution to the Syria passed a resolution, and strive to 2016 years 1 month start brokered by the United Nations Syria factions formal peace talks. United Nations Secretary General long Syria envoy de Mistura has since said that he plans to 2016 January 25, convened in Geneva Syria factions peace talks.