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Case notes: first national civil affairs for revocation of custody case review – the rule of law – People’s network, the original title: witnessed the first civil affairs departments to apply for revocation of custody case each and every case, can reflect the dignity of the law and justice; each section of experience in handling cases, condenses with sweat and thoughts of handling. Today, the "Legal Daily" published a "notes" section of case handling. Here, you can see as a case, the witness and Testimony — who judges, prosecutors, police, lawyers, impartial and tenderness, feeling and thinking about the. They record the unforgettable experience of handling the case, witnessed the progress of the rule of law in china. Narrator: at the beginning of Zhang of Jiangsu Province Xuzhou Tongshan District People’s Procuratorate minor criminal prosecution division chief in 2015, "the first application case of revocation of custody qualification" is the major media speculation fiery, angry people in the shocking case, compassion in the lonely helpless little girl, moved to lend a helping hand, well intentioned people. And I, as the participants and witnesses of this case, often think of this experience, will be in the heart of the little girl after the fire ignited the gratitude and respect for the law. This case will start from 2013. In October of that year, I accepted a rape case. The thought that this is a common case, open the file, the in the mind is born from a burst of pain: a less than ten years old girl, was her biological father’s sexual assault, indecent assault, assault… What kind of life does a little child live? What kind of father is this? And what kind of father is her mother? Does she have no family? I am eager to know the answer. One afternoon, the little girl was accompanied by a lady in front of me. A short hair, a pair of big eyes, dark skin, thin body, and her age is not consistent. The little girl with her head, hiding behind the lady. I want to send children LAN into the bosom, she desperately took the lady’s Dress Cape, one face is nervous, fear, fear, I had to loosen to open a hand not to touch her. The lady is called Zhang Lan, more than and 30 years old, a strong Xuzhou accent. See, although the little girl shouted her mother, but they are not the true mother and daughter relationship. Zhang Lan told me about the process they met. Six months ago, one day, I went back to her home, in the village on the road to ride a car, the child pulled me, said she did not eat a few days, very hungry. I looked at her in a very dirty, dirty face, and took her home." She paused and said, "after dinner, I would like to take the time to send her home, so her family in a hurry. But she does not want to go back, go back and say afraid of beating. Then I sent her back. Did not think of is that the child himself came back, to take the road in more than 20." In the little girl’s story, Zhang Lan as if to see the scene of the scene of the scene: the little girl hiding in the corner, again and again by the man called "father" of the beatings, spoil. The investigation of the case confirmed that Zhang Lan said is true. The bottom line of morality, ethics and human nature has been completely distorted here. The non biological away rather than biological mother and I