5Liu Zhenli tells the story of the growth in the story so far to forget the pain of degradation|Liu Zhenli tells the story of the growth in the story so far to forget the pain of degradation

Liu Zhenli tells the growth story unforgettable relegation pain Liu Zhenli of sina sports dispatch the manuscript origin: Ji Ling Soccer City Liu Zhenli join Shandong Luneng’s news, the uproar passed nearly a week, and finally in the evening of July 1 has been officially confirmed. As in the former captain, had for the team effectiveness 13 seasons "veteran", Liu Zhenli parting the occasion was also infested with inner contradictions, which are longing for the future, but more is the past of sadness. Liu Zhenli has with Luneng rendezvous, in an exclusive interview with our reporter said, blessings will soon return to the super, the future if we can in Qilu derby against his former club, I believe Castle fans to greet him not is condemning. 13 years, the history of the team for the longest time the player if not the transfer, we may not realize, unknowingly, Liu Zhenli has become the longest history of the team’s players for the longest time. From the end of 2002 in a team, the second half of the 2006 season to play on the main, to just the end of 2015 season, Yizhong period has entered professional team of Liu Zhenli, up to now has for the team played 13 seasons, over the previous two flags of the departure, Qu Bo and Liu Jian. During this period, watching his teammates for a wave of another wave, and now it is the turn of their own, Liu Zhenli’s heart is also five miscellaneous chen. "The mood is very complicated, there is not shed, also have to the new beginning of a kind of hope and hope. Of course, more or less, after all, in this team for so long." Liu Zhenli said, before he also thought, life on the effectiveness of this team, has been kicked in the door at home, but professional football itself is a very strong mobility, there are many unpredictable." Since the 2006 season half firmly secured the main position, Liu Zhenli has been to one of the goalkeeper, only two were injured during the, only by Liu and Mou Pengfei replace the appearance. "Once the ankle injury, a is the shoulder injury", Liu Zhenli, frankly, in a team for a long time. Life is in a rut, oneself also will be more or less a hint of slack, "is to get used to a life", and this, and has 30 years old, he decided to go out Chuang Chuang reasons. Olympic experience is the flash point, did not enter the Orangemen regrets review Liu Zhenli career, outside a lot of Qingdao fans the deepest impression I am afraid that he in the 2008 Olympic Games saved Ronaldinho single ball scene, but Liu Zhenli do not think. "In fact not saved Ronaldinho’s single, but can on behalf of the national team to participate in the Olympic Games, this should is one of the bright spots in the career. After the National Olympic team back, a feeling of confidence has greatly improved." Liu Zhenli said. The 2011 season, the absence of the Liu Zhenli for most of the season as a comeback, Shen Yong, once created the record of 544 minutes without conceding a goal. "That is the director Zhang (Zhang wailong) with a season. That season the team’s overall defensive do good, every game, feeling each other certainly can not enter the ball, together with the team and their luck is really good." However, the performance of the league in the stability of Liu Zhenli, has not been selected.