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Liaoning: economic frequent Highlights – Politics – People’s daily newspaper Shenyang, April 15 (Xinhua) & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; (reporter Wang Jinhai, Yong) on April 11, in Shanghai the Ninth China CNC machine tool exhibition, Shenyang Machine Tool launched i5 series intelligent machine popular. This "will think" of the machine tool is the core of the CNC system, the Department of Shenyang machine costs 7 years of independent research and development, based on the formation of the Internet technology intelligent terminal. Guan Xiyou, chairman of the company, the intelligent machine tool since the successful development in 2014, to the first quarter of this year has received orders 15 thousand units. The current situation of Shenyang machine tool Rainbow Night reflects Liaoning traditional industry and strategic emerging industries. Single look at the data, the traditional industries accounted for the bulk of the Liaoning situation is grim, a substantial decline in revenue. But we can see the Liaoshen hinterland, vitality: innovation tide, economic highlights. Since 2015, the Liaoning provincial Party committee, the provincial government efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms to promote structural adjustment, is a new way to revitalize the overall. Take the path of "quality concern". Liaoning to dilute the "speed complex" in the past to fight the pace of the pursuit of high quality. Last year in Liaoning Province GDP growth, while not high, but the operation quality, taxes account for up to budget revenue ratio increased from 3.4% to 77%; a steady increase in employment, across the province to achieve 40 million new jobs, the registered unemployment rate of 3.4%, lower than controlled goal 0.9 percentage points; active social consumption, total retail sales grew by 12.1%. Innovation driven transformation of the road. Liaoning to allow financial funds 42 dial a thousand pounds, the provincial government to establish the scale of 10 billion yuan of industrial investment fund, Shenyang City, the establishment of 10 billion yuan of industrial investment fund. Last year, the province’s main business revenue growth of more than 20% of high-tech enterprises reached 350. In Hunnan New District in Shenyang Siasun Robot & company, from the warehouse to pick up, to industrial machinery hand assembly, then transmitted to spray zone, the final product storage, all the links by dozens of robot independently. Shenyang industrial robot industry sales exceeded 5 billion yuan, an increase of 30%, accounting for 15 of the domestic market. Go to reform the way of decentralization. "From the ground to get through the construction permit, at least four or five months before, now a month on the line." Zhao Shengjie, a real estate development company in Shenyang, said. For plugging point, the masses of pain point of enterprise development, Liaoning cancel decentralization of administrative authority item 783 item; construction project approval time by 275 days compressed to less than 40 days; provincial government set up a service center, province level examination and approval functions more than 480 items all into the hall to conduct. The start of tax registration, business license, code certificate of "three in one". Reform so that further release of market vitality, the province’s new market players 410 thousand, an increase of 14.8%. To take the path of innovation and entrepreneurship. "Entrepreneurs in the first half of this year, more than 5 years in the past, the vitality of the Northeast Folk began to burst." Dalian City People’s social and social Bureau in charge of the work of the Deputy Secretary Di Shujun said. At present, Liaoning has a public record of 73 space, nearly 4000 companies in the incubation, providing 70 thousand jobs. Go on improving the people’s livelihood