5JINGWAH times do not necessarily have a hard truth – point – People’s network|JINGWAH times do not necessarily have a hard truth – point – People’s network

Jinghua times: suffer not necessarily hard truth – View – People’s network, the original title: loss does not necessarily have a hard truth writer Zhang Hongjie recently released an article "I and the famous publisher Mr. L between the story", the paper in my circle of friends and the industry was circulated. The author traces his writings of the Ming Dynasty seven faces "reprint, and publishing results wheat culture between the company of a dispute, including use without the consent of the author of the cover, false signature and owed royalties etc.. The most exciting than at the end of the article, he said to the current society, "the only success of" a feeling. The words are many netizens called is a sketch of Chinese contemporary social success: "they all have the common characteristics, that is both brilliant and flouting morality, and almost all patients with mental illness. Their treachery, said turned to forget, who used to just throw. But the strange thing is, they seem to be so successful." In this paper, by Mr. L and W editor, but a lot of ink, one can know is Lu Jinbo and Wu Huaiyao. And two people responded to the matter yesterday. Lu Jinbo made a quick change, say things not he handled, it is not clear and repeatedly stressed that this can use the law to solve the non in form of posters is not civilized. Another party Wu Huaiyao also responded with the fact that the fact is not: I do not want to respond to this thing, do not want to go with the hype. If you want me to respond, there is only one sentence: do not agree with the facts." Zhang Hongjie yesterday also made a new response, he said, and he suffered a lot of the same experience, but we usually finally chose to endure this tone, because in the Chinese social life to mature. As we all know, no need to make enemies, next time how long a heart on the line. But I don’t want to grow up. I want to speak out. Speak out to the publishing industry is a good thing". So far, this incident clouds such as fog, like a rashomon. The parties to respond after still don’t see what was going on, but in a more pull breaking situation. Zhang Hongjie and the entanglement is not a case of wheat. A typical representative of the publishing market this event is also China chaos. In recent years, the publishing industry has repeatedly broke the rights. Some writers, writers accidentally fell into the contract trap, the complaint has no door on the media and social platforms in upper capital feature. But in the end did not solve, often no echo. Once the infringement occurred, many people first thought of the law, a paper book on the court. For example, 2014 publishing has sentenced two rights cases, together is the "massage" copyright infringement of the author Bi Feiyu v. screenwriter Chen Ping, Xiyuan publishing house, together with other translators Ma Ainong v. China Women’s press copy translated the Green Gables Anne ". Two cases were judged defendant infringement was established, but the plaintiff believes that the amount of compensation is too low, the infringement is not sufficient to produce a deterrent effect, have expressed disappointment". Such a result is not unexpected in a society with a lack of copyright awareness. Thus, after the rights of a waste of time, and The loss outweighs the gain. So, the writers should have the law in the time of entering into a contract with the publishing house.