5Hu Xuefeng 9 All Star coach high season three wins Wang Zhizhi stars|Hu Xuefeng 9 All Star coach high season three wins Wang Zhizhi stars

Hu Xuefeng 9 into the all star innovation high coaching Xingrui match three Sheng Wang Hu Xuefeng in the All Star Game 9 times selected all star race, 3 times as a coach to win the stars Rui match, had just finished 36th birthday Hu Xuefeng as a player in the all star game as the oldest, still will continue to create the new record. In the all star weekend Xingrui match on the first day, Hu Xuefeng led the North Stars Rui team defeated the southern stars Rui team to 103:89, Hu Xuefeng three times as stars Rui team coaches, three times all win, twice before he headed for the South team. Interestingly, Hu Xuefeng the three LED beat are Wang Zhizhi’s team. All star stars Rui match is CBA star show their stage, match of the tournament is not too intense, the outcome is not so important, but three times lvdui all win, Hu Xuefeng and create the new record. Last night’s all star game, Hu Xuefeng only played a short 4 minutes, due to the presence of the same time there is another point guard Hu Xuefeng, Bynum almost did not want to go to the ball. But for the fans who love Hu Xuefeng, can see him appear in the all star game is enough. Those exquisite pass and the organization, in the league, Hu Xuefeng has demonstrated very fully. In addition, Jiangsu kendiya team Yi Li last night in the all star game scored 6 points and 1 assists. 赵彦砚