5Get rid of the baby daughter due to ectopic pregnancy mother too unlucky not to let it in|Get rid of the baby daughter due to ectopic pregnancy mother too unlucky not to let it in

Daughter because of ectopic pregnancy removed children mother-in-law too unlucky not to let the door original title: ectopic pregnancy removed embryos were used as "mother" mother was afraid unlucky not to postoperative daughter-in-law home folklore expert: This is pure superstition, women give birth to children with the weal and woe independent report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Ying) due to ectopic pregnancy remove children ought to be a sad thing, don’t want to but her mother-in-law think "unlucky" and don’t let her daughter-in-law home. Recently, who lives in the lake after the woman was depressed, feeling that she was a stranger to her. Ms. Zhu is a native of Wuhan girl, her husband is a stranger. Two people to settle in Wuhan after marriage, gave birth to a son last year, on weekdays by Ms. Zhu’s mother to help with the child. Her husband’s sister in Wuhan, shortly before the twins, the mother came to the field to help the children home guzi. To help her mother with a grandson but no grandchildren, Ms. Zhu said can be understood: "the GuZi home two children, but not with and my mom can take handle knob." March 26, Ms. Zhu was operated on for ectopic pregnancy admitted to hospital, mother and in the field, the couple put son sent to the GuZi home, let the mother-in-law help to take a few days, mother readily agreed. On the morning of March 31st, Ms. Zhu basic rehabilitation for the discharge procedures, and her husband came to pick up his son’s sister-in-law. So she did not expect that knocked half Tianmen, she did not open the door, it is to ask: "you two are together?" Two people puzzled and answered, yes". Her mother-in-law door opened a crack, and then immediately from the door in drill out, stopped at the gate said "Xiao Zhu ah, you do the abortion is mother, cannot enter into private residential, is not good for the host family. You let peak (Zhu lady her husband’s nickname) to go in and get ya laundry. I’ll take ya hold out, you stood in the doorway of a ha, do not come in! " Helpless under, Ms. Zhu had to stand outside waiting. Soon, the husband carrying son laundry out. Because of fears that her daughter-in-law heart uncomfortable, Ms. Zhu’s mother-in-law also with she explained again and again "why the confinement of people not to a guest of someone’s home, also cannot take the door." Ms. Zhu listened, laugh and don’t language. Zhu told the Wuhan evening news reporter, this thing makes her heart is not the taste. A woman say "confinement who cannot go to other people’s homes, his mother-in-law mouth" others "? Moreover, her it was a small operation, but not children confinement; if mother superstitious regard this as a confinement, why such a long time not to visit his home? Reporters interviewed on the matter, folklore expert Liu Shouhua, he said: "past health condition is not good, or miscarriage after production of women because of physical weakness, walking is not conducive to health care, vulnerable to disease, with the passage of time people will think unlucky." He pointed out that this is purely a superstition, women have no relationship with the welfare of the child. Modern people do not have to pay attention to, but do not have to affect the family harmony."