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5G from the   test labs; into the network to accelerate the process of science and technology — people.com.cn original title: 5G from laboratory testing into the existing network to accelerate the process of science and Technology Journal September 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Yan) 1 reporter learned from China Mobile, in February this year, announced the launch of the China Mobile 5G joint innovation center partner has been the first 11 to 42 partners, three types of laboratory under construction and related work is started, 5G vertical industry and new application scenarios from the laboratory into the network to accelerate the process of. For the construction of a cross industry integration of the ecological system, to seize the opportunities to the evolution of 5G in 4G, China Mobile joint innovation center 5G is joint communications companies, Internet companies and vertical industry partners, will be targeted on the basis of innovation ability, communication networking, car networking, Internet, cloud, industrial robot virtual reality enhanced six key areas, efforts to promote basic communication ability, innovation and application of mature incubator fusion products. At present, 42 members of the joint innovation center of China Mobile 5G including 5 communications equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, chip 9 class 5 instrument manufacturers, 18 vertical and 5 vertical field of industry innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises, the traditional communications industry and vertical industry, is composed of innovation transforming single field for collaborative innovation cross domain. In addition to 42 partners, China Mobile 5G joint innovation center under the central laboratory, regional laboratory, partner joint laboratory have started construction and related work. In order to make the 5G in 2020 with commercial capabilities, relying on China Mobile 5G joint innovation center, China Mobile and partners in the 5G key technology research and experimental verification of cooperation progress. August 16th, China Mobile and Ericsson teamed up to complete the world’s first operator network control 5G prototype system UAV test, tested the possibility of potential mission critical applications under the 5G technology scenarios. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: