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Student Loan Consolidation Help – Government Student Loans Posted By: Jason Witts A student loan consolidation is a tool used by many loan companies as well as the government today by which you can refinance and consolidate all your school loans. Recent studies reveal that any student who graduates from college in 2009 has about $23,000 in student loans. Government Student Loan Consolidation A government student loan consolidation is done by the Federal Student Aid and is also known as Federal student loan consolidation. As a student you may have taken more than one loan from the government for your education. You can combine all the loans together and make it as one loan. You can also combine loans that you got from the government and any private student loan as well, but you may lose the advantages that come along with the Federal loan. Advantages 1. The main advantage is that when you consolidate you can get an extended repayment term and the interest rates of federal loans may be slightly lower than the combined interest rate that you paying right now. Moreover by getting a longer repayment term your monthly payment will naturally become less.government Consolidation loan student governmentstudent loan consolidation federal student loans consolidation consolidate student loans refinance government Consolidation loan student Student Loan Repayment Help – Know Your Options Posted By: Jason Witts Paying your bills is getting harder and harder in this challenging economy. Are you a graduate who is finding it difficult to repay your student loans? Would you like to know the full spectrum of student loan repayment options available to you? To do so, you must know what type of loans you have and the options available for each. There are basically three types of loans. The first, and most common, are loans made by banks and the federal government, known as federal loans. The second are loans made by your school. The third are private loans made by banks or other financial institutions that don’t include government guarantees. If you have federal loans, your first option is to repay the loans as agreed. This can take up to 10 years. If you cannot repay your loans that quickly, you may be able to extend your payments over a longer period of time, usually up to 25 years. You can also arrange a plan where your payments increase over time, or rise and fall with your income. Federal loans can also be consolidated.Consolidation loan student federal student loan consolidation federal student loans consolidation consolidate student loans refinance student loan Consolidation loan student New Student Loan Repayment Option – Income Based Repayment Plan Posted By: Jason Witts The Income Based Repayment (IBR) Plan for federal student loans is the best thing that can ever happen in the life of a student. As the name itself signifies, IBR loans are provided to the students according to their economical condition and financial status. The repayment of IBR loans is quite easy and the federal government allows the students to repay them in the easiest possible manner. The federal government has started numerous scholarships and loan programs to encourage higher studies among the students. The loan repayment has been made simple under the IBR program and depending upon the economical condition of the student, the repayment amount is decided. The federal loans repayment would be decided according to the poverty level of the student. The standard poverty level decided by the government will be taken as the standard or datum to calculate your repayment amount. If your overall income is below 150% of the standard poverty level then the authorities will exempt all your loans under the IBR plan. However, the IBR program stands eligible only when the students have availed the loan and not their relatives or parents.Consolidation loan student federal student loan consolidation federal student loans consolidation consolidate student loans refinance student loan Consolidation loan student Student Loan Consolidation Help – Consolidate Your Student Debt Into One Payment Posted By: Jason Witts Students can apply for numerous loans to finance their studies. The government encourages students to go for higher studies and will help to support the financial needs of those students; the federal government has started numerous scholarships cum loan programs; however, if you are not able to pay back your loan even after you have graduated from college, you can take advantage of loan consolidation services from various lenders. The loan consolidation tips discussed in this article will enable you to understand the concept of loan consolidation in a much better way. Depending on your financial background, economical condition, academic record and the colleges you have applied for, the loan/scholarship will be granted to you. Student loans usually have very low interest rates as compared to other loans like home or medical. In some cases when your academic record is brilliant, you can get a student loan even at a zero percent interest rate. Once you have graduated from college, the repayment period of your loan will start. Consolidating your student loans will enable you to take another to pay back the previous which you had taken out to complete your studies.Consolidation loan student federal student loan consolidation federal student loans consolidation consolidate student loans refinance student loan Consolidation loan student Aim For A Federal Student Loan Posted By: Kurt Naulaerts Students in their graduating year are able to start the process of consolidating their federal student loans. This can actually lower the debt before you have to start making payments. There are many benefits to consolidating your federal student loans. Consolidation can drastically reduce your monthly payment amount. If consolidation is possible it may be a quicker way to being debt free. Many students who receive the right consolidation loan have reported paying off their student loans as early as 48 months. Federal student loans can be used for almost any student expense, room and board, supplies, books and transportation. Federal student loan consolidation allows students to combine all student loans into one payment. Federal student loans have more options when it comes to repayment. There is also a built in grace period following graduation. This is to allow the student to obtain employment before feeling the pressure of loan repayments. Some loans have a built in grace period of 6 months, but this can vary from loan to loan. Federal student loan borrowing has increased over the last 10 years as more middle and upper income students began applying. These students are becoming more and more eligible every year.credit loan student loans credit