5Don’t let the primary accountability the pollution index|Don’t let the primary accountability the pollution index

Don’t let dine asked pollution liability "integrity index" some localities and units to implement comprehensive strictly "two," still shout in mouth, floating on the surface, there is only "hear thunder and no rain" phenomenon. Even in some places asking responsibility "dine" suspected, the does not belong to the honest government, accountability matters also counted. (April 4th China "discipline inspection report") accountability and there no end of trouble for the future. For example, will lead to "false, misleading the public opinion and honest. Accountability bulletin is a place outside an important window to observe whether strict discipline. While some areas deliberately to the small problem, as a big problem anatomy, in fact, is a disguised cover up the real big problem. Imagine even some do not belong to ask the responsibility scope of small problems, "make a mountain out of a molehill", stern asked the responsibility parties, doth not to discipline and strict illusion? So, the real problem may be false clean cover, escape outside supervision. Strict discipline is a ruler in the end. If not a scale, will make the rules and discipline favour one more than another, without rigid, let strict formality. General cadre bilk an apple, of course not, but admonishing conversation, circulate a notice of criticism and made an exaggeration, is show to see who? So, "the index" not serious pollution, out of shape? The primary accountability will make people doubt strictly strength and determination. Truth, dare to tackle tough problems, it is the touchstone of accountability, strictly determined. But in some places there is accountability, at the expense of strictly efforts and determination. "In the ardent desire of the masses, given by some local and departmental accountability transcripts, the case" make a mountain out of a molehill. Problem of thin air, deliberately overstating, if you ask the responsibility and unequal, people will look not to understand? Don’t let the primary accountability "the pollution index". At present there is only a small number of accountability. But "mouseexcrement bad pot of soup, a few of the primary accountability, will be the overall pollution index"". Therefore, to make up the number of accountability must not regard as unimportant. On the one hand, discipline inspection and supervision departments should be good at "self", and resolutely to false accountability, accountability and other unhealthy tendencies going there. At the same time, also need to introduce social supervision, media supervision. The external supervision strength, let the primary accountability have not let go, "false clean" guobuleguan. Only in this way, the serious pollution of "the index" been thinking, in order to truly become extinct.