5Corrupt officials, who smashed the monument in condemnation – View – People’s network|Corrupt officials, who smashed the monument in condemnation – View – People’s network

"Corrupt officials, who smashed the monument" in condemnation? – View – People’s network recently,, Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, Xinan town Xindong administrative village Lee, because of the expropriated land compensation standards dissatisfaction, locally made piece of "corrupt monument", then the stone was smashed. Yesterday afternoon, Shenqiu County Party Committee Propaganda Department of the press center said: "Li Mou is to achieve personal goals, ulterior motives, to make a tombstone." (Legal Evening News January 12) "corrupt monument", Lee is not the original, through the ages all have, expression in a variety of forms, in addition to Tombstone, and send the plaque, even write a couplet. The opposite is "low stone" forms in modern society for banners, thank you letter etc.. Visible, since ancient times people are beloved of honest and upright official, hate corrupt officials and the public want the officialdom can be formed with cheap for beauty and corrupt the fresh air is still ugly. Of course, Lee for the local village to establish a "corrupt official monument" can not explain the village as a corrupt official. Because a corrupt official finds that, in addition to the masses of cognition, but also need to organize the investigation of evidence, in the final conclusion of the organization did not come out before, ten thousand can not be arbitrary. However, from Lee’s "corrupt monument" only to see the place, did not name names. So, in this "corrupt monument a eager will be smashed the must difficult elution suspected to deceive the public, trying to hide something. Because, really corrupt officials generally like the bow, a sign of trouble was on pins and needles, thorn in the side, naturally would be guilty unceasingly, the condemnation. Furthermore, Li Mou of land requisition compensation and dissatisfaction from 2012 began, and the village will produce big differences will continue to the higher authorities to reflect the village cadres on the destruction of arable land, tax evasion and other issues. Do not rule out the possibility of Lee to distort the suspicion, but Lee may also is in the maintenance of their own interests, for their fight for the legitimate rights and interests. Because land expropriation itself is a high-risk areas of corruption prone, the first demolition of village cadres easier embezzlement. And Lee reflects the for such a long time, until May last year, Shenqiu County Commission for discipline inspection before the establishment of the task force to investigate, according to reports in the Commission in November last year with 2 tiger in just three days. Why the investigation a little village from the receipt of the report to the investigation takes 3 years is yet to be finalized, not true as anecdotal biography "belabor the slain tiger breeze, squashing flies but difficult to ascend to heaven?" This phenomenon is obviously not normal. Therefore, people can not help but doubt Shenqiu County Commission for Discipline Inspection has poor, organization department suspected the supervision of cadres is not in place of punishing corruption, or propaganda department will Li Mou "ulterior motives" shattered glass. A little "corrupt official monument" is really worthy of reflection. Although from a psychological point of view, everyone is pursuing praise and avoid being criticized. However, official politics need not the same tolerance, broad-minded and political consciousness, even as small as a village, villagers face criticism, should also self reflection, quick rectification, respond to the masses, cut can not fly into a rage a hit has, otherwise it will only cause conflicts.