5Closed residential area in principle no longer built experts worry or encounter resistance|Closed residential area in principle no longer built experts worry or encounter resistance

Closed residential area in principle no longer construction experts worry or meet resistance, the original title: closed residential area in principle no longer build Beijing News "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction work several opinions" (referred to as the "opinions") recently issued, this is after a lapse of 37 restarted in central city work conference of the supporting documents, outlines the "45" and for a long time China’s urban development "roadmap". The views put forward to enhance the overall urban planning and land use planning of cohesion, and promote the two charts and a; in principle no longer construction of residential areas close to; set up the "narrow road, the road network of urban road layout concept; to achieve full coverage of the center city bus station 500 meters; urban park in principle to free and open to the residents, etc.. Prevent one-sided pursuit of the appearance of the building for the implementation of urban planning difficult problem, "opinions" to further strengthen the mandatory planning, put forward "any act in violation of planning to serious accountability". Modification of the overall urban planning must be approved by the original examination and approval authorities, and reported to the people’s Congress at the same level to consider, from the system to prevent the phenomenon of random modification planning. For the existence of some urban construction greed, Yang Mei, beg strange, lack of characteristics and cultural heritage worrying situation, "opinions" put forward building eight principles "applicable, economic, green, beautiful" to prevent one-sided pursuit of the appearance of the building, strengthening public buildings and ultra limit management of high-rise building design. Encourage domestic and international architectural design enterprises to fully compete to develop both the international perspective and national self-confidence of the architect team, advocate the development of architectural criticism. "Opinions" proposed to deepen the reform of the urban housing system in the future two directions, namely, the basic housing needs of the government to protect the basic housing needs, to meet the needs of residents in the market to meet the needs of multi-level housing. The play shantytowns of a three-year battle, by 2020, the basic completion of existing shanty towns, villages and reconstruction. City bus station 500 meters full coverage for the inadequate supply of public products and services "urban disease" is spreading seriously, "opinions", strengthen construction of the city comprehensive transportation hub, promote the different modes of transport and urban external traffic between the smooth convergence, easy transfer. To expand the coverage of public transport. The city center bus station 500 meters full coverage. At present, most cities in China are facing the problem of garbage siege, "opinions" put forward the solution, strengthen urban cleaning work, strengthen the construction of garbage disposal facilities, urban and rural garbage disposal. To promote garbage removal processing enterprises and market, promote the docking system and garbage recycling system of renewable resources. By limiting excessive packaging, reduce the use of disposable products, Jingcai into the city and other measures, from the source to reduce waste generation. Exergy aspect of residential units in the road to achieve public "opinions" put forward, our country new residential to promotion of block system, in principle no longer construction of residential areas close to. Has been completed in the residential area and the unit compound to be gradually open, the realization of the internal road to public, to solve the problem of the layout of the road network, to promote land conservation and utilization. Another 6