5Chinese outbound travel report favorite outbound provinces rankings released – Sohu news|Chinese outbound travel report favorite outbound provinces rankings released – Sohu news

The Chinese Outbound Tourism Report: favorite outbound provinces rankings released – Sohu News during the holiday of Spring Festival is approaching, the tourism market ushered in the a new round of outbreak, the outbound lines compared to previous years, presented the more popular trend. And let the outbound travel more convenient, in addition to open policy, enrich the purse, there are a variety of translation tools. Recently, popular users of the accompanying translation assistant — Youdao translation officer, especially for the next Spring Festival Golden Week, of tens of thousands of users of the people of a country outbound travel trends survey, released the latest of the 2015 Chinese outbound travel report, with more than 1 million people survey number of according to tell you where your favorite outbound, also through the mass translation data tell you travel abroad are most concerned about what. Report data shows that Beijing (11.8%) and Guangdong (11.8%) friends favorite outbound, row in the second tier (8.2%) of Jiangsu, Zhejiang (6.4%), Shandong (5.9%) and other coastal provinces and cities, which with the advantages of geographic location not unrelated. In addition, Sichuan (5.4%), Hubei (3.8%) and Hunan (3.5%) of friends also like to travel abroad. Abroad, we are most worried about what? Customs differences (38%), traffic (36%) and other issues to the friends brought no small trouble, and the language barrier (61%) is still the biggest obstacle to the country’s outbound travel. This time, such as Youdao translation officer such language translation tools became the all outbound essential app. 78% of friends in outbound will in installed on your phone language translation applications, hotel and air ticket (78%), tourism recommendation (70%), food and beverage recommended (61%) is the used app. It is understood that there is a proper way to launch the official in December 6, 2012, is a support for offline translation App translation, for the application scenarios targeted optimization, in the absence of the network can also be used smoothly. Recently, a proper way to launch a 2 version of the official, the new 45 languages and voice translation functions, an application can travel around the world.