5Australia experts Australia to adapt to the Chinese order may be very unhappy but better than war – |Australia experts Australia to adapt to the Chinese order may be very unhappy but better than war –

Australian experts: Macao adapt to Chinese order may be very uncomfortable but better than war good – in the United States and Australia F-35 fighter fleet in Australia at the end of February released the 2016 defence white paper, bluntly China in the South China Sea Reclamation epeirogenic worrying, that China’s maritime territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea exacerbates tensions in Asia Pacific. Recently, Australia’s Lowy Institute for International Policy Research Institute published Hugh white Hugh white, a professor named "is the time to discuss war with China," the article that questioned whether Australia really do a good job preparing to usher in a war with China that Australian War will outweigh the benefits, and are counting on China to quit, as from the outset to avoid war with China, although adjustment policies adapt to Chinese order may be uncomfortable, but this is better than war with China is better. The article said that Australia’s latest defense white paper has been widely understood Australia will be in need to stand by its allies side against China’s strategy in Asia "ambition" to defend "based on the rules of the global order", it seems, most people that it is the right move, then we will as the Nansha Islands, the Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan, and other places with mainland China war? The article said that most in favor of white paper may be very confident this would never happen, they think there would be no war, because confident they compared to risk Conflict Chinese people will always be back. Maybe they were right, facing the resolve of the United States and the United Nations may Beijing will think even Taiwan is not worth the conflict at great cost. The article said, but we should not bet on this, because the Chinese people may want to be exactly the same as the United States and its allies. They think the war will make the two sides pay the same price, firmly believe that the crisis is more important to china. So the Chinese people are more likely to believe that, whether we are talking about, to when the explosive we will avoid war select concessions. And the more Chinese people believe this, the more they will not back down. This situation has been in history: in the escalating crisis, the two sides will think that the other side will retreat, but it was too late, this is the first World War broke out in 1914. The article pointed out that we must bear in mind that the interests of both sides can not be ignored. This is a contest for the future of Asia, Australia should not speculate that China’s determination to establish a new order is less than our commitment to defend the old order. Unless one party will abandon its core interests, we are faced with a decision to trigger a war, the extent of the crisis is now quite high, and is still growing steadily. The article said that fantasy launched a quick and easy win the war is easy, but the United States and its allies did not overwhelming, but China is not. This means that no one can win a decisive victory in the short term. As a result, both sides are faced with a new choice: to upgrade the war and accept a bigger price, or to give up. Fantasy Chinese will first easily concede, but we can’t expect this. China has a huge destructive power, we can not expect the Chinese people’s desire for victory will be less than us. (Liu Kun)