58Novice drivers for the two smoke teicoplanin was sentenced to detention special feeling is not worth|Novice drivers for the two smoke teicoplanin was sentenced to detention special feeling is not worth9

Novice drivers for the two smoke test was sentenced to detention: don’t feel very worthy of the original title: two driving coaches on trial "in order to test smoke two cigarettes was sentenced, feel not worth." The 30 year old Yu Mou in court said with a wry smile. The driving instructor for students to participate in arrangements Sohn’s safe and civilized driving knowledge examination, after giving two cigarettes were seized at the entrance exam results. Yesterday afternoon, Yu was accused of taking the exam in Shunyi instead of the court. Two smoke caught more than a degree of cultural training school, 2012 in Beijing workers, before the incident is a paint Beijing Hyundai Motor Co. Three months before the exam, he just got a driver’s license. It is alleged that in early January this year, Gong Yu Mou (dealt with) arrangement instead of Sohn (already sentenced) in a safe and civilized driving motor vehicle driving knowledge test, the matter and promised to more than a good fee. In January 13th this year at 9:30 in the morning, in Shunyi District houshayu area jade horse coach exam, more than one holding Sohn’s identity card and jade horse examination center training certificate to replace Sohn in safe and civilized driving motor vehicle driver knowledge test, seized by police on the spot. It is reported that the day of the test, more than one holding Sohn’s documents to enter the examination room, because the picture and I do not match, driving staff found the alarm. In September 11th this year, more than a criminal detention. For more than a confession, the case applies to summary proceedings. The court said in October last year, he just got a driver’s license, before school when a coach for him as well. At the beginning of this year, a find him, hope to help a student to participate in four test subjects. "He said that the age of the students, have not been tested four times, this is the last chance. If help had to take the test, can give two Yuxi tobacco. I agree with the coach’s face." Yu said that he had not been admitted into the examination room, did not get the actual benefits. "I didn’t know it was illegal. In order to be sentenced to two cigarettes, feeling particularly unworthy." The coach said to petty 45 year old Gong after graduating from high school has been engaged in the work of driving coaches. The testimony shows that in early January this year, was also a driving instructor Lee called him to say, a friend of the four test subjects have been admitted but can help him find personal training, who then give commissions 3000 yuan. After his promise, Lee put the sun’s phone to him. The same day, he called the sun, to the other’s identity card. In January 10th, a former student to more than a phone call, asked him to help her, and promised to give two Yuxi tobacco. "The four test subjects to pre recorded fingerprints, I let more than 12 in the morning to a field coach for me, I put the Sunmou ID to him, after more than one went to the examination by Sunmou ID recording his own fingerprint." The exam in the afternoon, caught a work. To be arrested, he did not get the benefits, but also did not give more than a Yuxi cigarette. "I think the petty, never find someone to take the test. Know that this is illegal, and now realize that the wrong." At present, because of the same crime is a prosecution. Prosecutors believe that a substitute for others to participate in law 2