58Marshal Hebei Luzhan duel cited hot bird watch out mbia collar 4 will return|Marshal Hebei Luzhan duel cited hot bird watch out mbia collar 4 will return1

Marshal Hebei Luzhan duel cited hot bird watch out mbia collar 4 will return to Hebei Huaxia the theme poster source: Hebei Huaxia happiness soccer club in the last round of the super dynamic game, Hebei Huaxia happiness home court 1-1 draw with Chongqing Lifan, stopped the decline, the 26 round of Super League Harding Park, Hebei Huaxia happiness 10 wins 6 flat 10 negative 36 fifth points behind in the standings. The intermittent period, Hebei Huaxia happiness in Tianjin Champions League game in more than will get the opportunity to play, the game will gradually solve problems found in the training. The recent training, the team showed a sense of the overall gratifying, handsome tactical ideas gradually reflected. This game, mbia will be suspended, gervinho, Ju rumes, Haifeng Ding, Jin y will return to lift the ban. After the opponent in the dynamic Majiate Luneng, brought significant changes to the team. In the Super League, under the Shandong Luneng tune Majiate back on track in 5 games since August in scored 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative good results, especially the guest 10 people on a Beijing Guoan battle, both for the team’s relegation success lay a good foundation, but also greatly encouraged the morale of the players integral, Shandong Luneng has reached 30 points. Since Majiate team Luneng has played 14 matches, Luneng single game running distance is more than the match ratio, from the period of 8%, has increased to 42.9%. Majiate "devil training", has received immediate effect. He stressed that discipline, on his arrival, Luneng style has changed, he never give up his style is gradually changing, Shandong Luneng’s temperament. Judging from the current situation, the five members of the Shandong Luneng missed the game. Zheng Zheng and Liu Binbin because of the wound of surgery, is in the recovery phase; the League intermittent period, Wang Yongpo attended the Shandong Luneng and Qingdao the Yellow Sea warm-up match, but the match in his right leg again pulled; the Golden King Road because of doping issue, is still in the suspension period; Central defender Li Song Yi because eating red card in the match with the national security of the game in the out. He also gave full attention to the home court against Hebei Huaxia happiness in this game, "we will face an important game in the next weekend, it is very important to us." The game to watch the game, coach showdown, Pellegrini and the two showdown will be handsome Majiate a major part of the game. In the 2013-2014 Premier League season, the two coach had a rematch, when Pellegrini led Manchester 5-0 win over Felix Magath brought Fullem, won the race.