58Lin Dan hold a fear of loss of tens of millions of sponsors to terminate cooperation four – Sohu Spo|Lin Dan hold a fear of loss of tens of millions of sponsors to terminate cooperation four – Sohu Spo2

Lin Dan "hold" fear of loss of tens of millions of four sponsors to terminate the cooperation in sports – Sohu Lin Dan exposure during pregnancy and the mysterious female wife derailed her waist lingering (Figure) the hotel the day before, a well-known entertainment studio announced November 17th will exposed year "derailed", the actor will star is a giant figure. A day later, Mengliao rujierzhi, the surprise is that the star is not entertainment, but the Olympic champion badminton Grand Slam player, known as "super Dan" Lin Dan. Pictures and video, "that" almost Lin Dan during pregnant wife Xie Xingfang derailed fact. 17 PM, Lin Dan responded quickly in micro-blog: "(should be" made ") as a man I don’t do more for their excuse but my behavior hurt my family here I apologize sorry to my family." It is not difficult to see, Lin Dan admitted, but he obviously hurt more than family. Lin Dan, Yao Ming and Li Na can be counted in Liu Xiang after retirement, the highest value of star endorsement active athletes, the derailment, the negative impact of Lin Dan, in addition to the popularity and image at a discount, the biggest loss is probably his commercial value. Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, called a couple Chinese sports, the world champion couple, was the representative of romantic love badminton. Lin Dan as the two Olympic Games Badminton champion, the history of the second Grand Slam winner, his popularity and achievements can not shake the position and commercial value in sports. However, all this now may already be destroyed on one day. Super Dan vacuum time a brother Yao Ming and Liu Xiang and Li Na retired, Chinese sports "a brother" and "sister" has been vacant, it has been said that Sun Yang, a period of time has been optimistic about Ning Zetao, however, has not always been high-profile Lin Dan has quietly become a brother to mimi". 2015 Lin Dan and a badminton brand contract to become the image of the spokesperson, the circle of the quote caliber is very uniform: ten years, one hundred million. Light is the endorsement fee, Lin Dan has become a sports vacuum era’s most valuable player. In addition, Lin Dan also entered the fashion circle, as he is the two famous luxury Chinese spokesmen, income is not cheap. And he also created a high-end men’s underwear brand, also has stores in Chengdu, however, had friends said, Chengdu shop has closed. Lin Dan and I had coffee shops investment, in addition, he and his wife Xie Xingfang. There are a number of brand endorsements, 2015 Forbes China celebrities on the list, Lin Dan ranked 72, and Li Na is the only sports two on the list are visible, Lin Dan’s popularity and commercial value. Although early determined to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio, but at the end of 2015 to early 2016, Lin Dan appeared in most places is actually a reality show, he played in a reality show, once again earned a popularity. The Rio Olympics, meet the semi-final and old rival Li Zongwei, also known as the 2016 most sad showdown, two times with the greatest player headhead, earn a lot of eyeballs and tears. That game, although Lin Dan lost, but many people think that Lin Dan is not a loser. Hold a hold off tens of millions of dew