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Lin Dan admitted that derailed, badminton is no longer The legend of Condor Hero "… The man why? Sohu sports Lin Dan derailed, yes, that is the world champion Lin Dan. @ detective Zhao Wuer today broke Lin Dan derailed the news – October, Lin Dan attended the game in Guangzhou during the day, but at night and a voluptuous mysterious woman in the hotel. Just entered the room, the curtains are not pull, began to cuddle constantly in love, hug hug each other in the ass gave pinches Lin Dan push a micro-blog, admit derailed and said that as a man, no excuse, " as a man I don’t do more for yourself excuse me but hurting my family here I apologize to my family " sorry; and push to put together the inexplicable look very ironic "welcome Fangfang hard" brief sentence two days ago, Lin Dan appears in the hearts of everyone has a role at the time. Father. An apology today, but in the face of the silent. ? netizens also raged July estimates: from indulging in the 08 Olympic Games begin to watch your match your achievement 12 years double slam the moment I excitedly raise a hue and cry…… I really don’t know what to say it is HX lovely great scourges: believe you and Xie Xingfang is love, but a sense of responsibility? Some things can play, some can not play! The difference between man and animals is that man knows himself! Fat to the fish bowl: rough play well you’s Maison blogger: [] [] face smile smile, your wife in confinement, you know what a child is not easy you know candy for you: 1227 da. Second. The wife is not worth. Huang Yuan as like as two peas: Dan Qucci God, so for many years you have been in my heart like a lighthouse, but now… [sad]… The woman called Zhao Yaqi, former model. It is said that Zhao Yaqi in October micro-blog drying out of the badminton tournament work permit, it is to give the Lin Dan…… Marvel. Look at what kind of woman, let our badminton world champion so "love"? Miss World Tour International Miss China pageant? Self timer is like this? Xie Xingfang was selected at the age of 14 badminton team in Guangzhou, which is 1995! At the age of 20 won the Asian Badminton Championships women’s singles champion, then selected Chinese badminton team, the year was 2001! At the age of 23 open in IBF created six consecutive record that year is 2004! At the age of 24, she first appeared on the world singles rankings, won his first World Championship, the year was 2005! At the age of 26, won the 7 Open champion, her world ranking also firmly occupy the first throne, that year, 2007! In 6 years, 4 years of marriage, pregnancy is the greatest pleasure, but suffered Lin Dan derailed. Lin Dan in the program department