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Traffic accidents have caused a chain reaction car was burned many people trapped elevator elevator. Reporter Sun Xiaotian photo site car burning. The newspaper news (reporter Sun Xiaotian Intern Chen Mingyu) last night, Dongxihu AP Olympic Garden District, a long arm excavator over the road broken wires, pulled over a transformer, triggered a chain reaction. The wire falling parked in the side of the ignition transformer for power car, fire department cut near the federal circuit, leading to the Olympic Garden area blackout, more owners are trapped in the elevator. Fortunately, the parties actively cooperate with the rescue in a timely manner, did not cause casualties. Excavator accident is the culprit yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporters came to the scene, a yellow long arm excavator still parked at the scene, the car ignition has been removed and the transformer, and electricity workers are repairing, near the road on the left traces of the burning car. Site repair personnel, said the accident for the East and West Lake District Water Conservancy Bureau of the north wing of the construction project. Changqing Road sewage construction project manager Meng Liming said: last night, while at night the few vehicles on the road, the site of a long arm excavator to second days of construction site. 9:40 or so, when the excavator after the incident, 7 meters long arm hanging over the road over the top of the line of 380 volts, but also with the side of the transformer fixed poles. You fall in the wire breakage stop in transformer under a car, the car ignition. After the incident, the construction workers immediately call 119. For the sake of the fire emergency power outage 9:41 that night, Wuhan 119 command center received the alarm, Wuhan Fire detachment evergreen squadron rushed to the scene to rescue. Fire officers and soldiers to the scene and found the car, burning violently, surrounded by a few wires, for fear of electric wires, firefighters can only for cooling near the car without a burning car dispatched gun, to prevent the spread of fire. The commander also ordered the implementation of fire warning around, and notify the power supply departments to the scene. Subsequently, the scene of the police transferred to a forklift truck near the transfer. Ten minutes later, the electricity sector will arrive at the scene, where the circuit is cut off, then the fire brigade dispatched gun to fire to save the car. AP Olympic Garden two 22 owners Mr. Yu said, her wife last night at 9:48 in the elevator and sent him a WeChat said, ready to take the elevator downstairs. Unexpectedly, a sudden power failure, his wife was trapped in a lift. 30 minutes later, with the help of the owner and the security, the wife fled from the trapped elevator, which had been difficult to breathe. After the lift into a cage residential property Choi said the person in charge, the incident, there are a number of owners are taking the elevator out. Emergency power outages caused the owners trapped elevator. Property after receiving the report, immediately organized 5 employees for emergency rescue, more than half an hour in the 7 elevator rescued more than and 10 trapped owners. About 50 minutes after the outage, the district power supply restoration. Electric repair staff told reporters, fire officers and soldiers after the fire, they will just push up, restore the surrounding power supply. The fire, a 500 thousand volt transformer burn out the transformer electric load相关的主题文章: