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Nanning, a man rushed into the hospital will be a wife beaten to death in September 9th, a man rushed into a hospital of Nanning city Wuming District Lingyuan Road, carrying pipes, knife beating a hospital cleaning staff, resulting in the death of the other party! Even more frightening is that the killing was actually killed the suspect’s wife… 1 men rushed into the hospital at September 9th at 8 o’clock in the morning, go to work in a hospital in Wuming District of Nanning City, Mr. Su rushed to the hospital, in the first floor of the hall and saw a strange man holding a knife in one hand and the other pipe, threatening him "you don’t meddle". Subsequently, he saw the hospital cleaners Ms. Liang lying in the hall, there is a pool of blood on the ground, he immediately went to the hospital door to call the police. After the alarm, Mr. Su returned to the hall, saw Ms. Liang the strange men hand beating steel fell to the ground, quickly picked up a broom, "don’t let the other people". But the perpetrators do not listen to discourage, continue to hold the knife after beating steel, and steel left. Area police station rushed to the scene, in the vicinity of the suspects arrested. The 2 wife of death according to reports, the suspects Weimou is 57 years old this year, Qingxiu District, Nanning City, currently living in Wuming District of Chengxiang town. A dozen years ago, he was sentenced to administrative detention because of gambling, and then hit by the police administrative detention. September 9th the same day in the hospital was beaten by Ms. Liang Liang Liang Jie’s wife, she has been injured due to death. Why Wei killed his wife? According to insiders revealed that Ms. Wei and Ms. Liang because of family conflicts, in the morning of September 9th, at home to drink a lot of wine Wei, think of his wife’s problem suddenly impulse. He found a 60 cm long steel pipe and a knife from his home and rushed to the hospital where his wife worked. Wei found his wife, the two sides quarrel. Weimou bate, pipe down his wife’s head, and stabbed with a knife in the other side of the body. Ms. Liang clutching his wounds after the escape, Weimou armed with a weapon. In this process, Weimou see someone stopped, brandishing the weapon to threaten each other "don’t meddle, otherwise it is not polite". Subsequently, Weimou wife again to attack, then fled the scene. The reporter understands, afterwards, Weimou jumped into the nearby river to commit suicide, but do not know what reason to terminate. Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene and arrested him. Currently, Wei has been Wuming police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: