Honeymoon in New Zealand earthquake couple rescued by the Chinese Consulate in Wenzhou-jcuv是什么车

New Zealand honeymoon earthquake in Wenzhou couple rescued by the Chinese Consulate in November 19th, is from Wenzhou Lin (a pseudonym) and her husband Fu in New Zealand honeymoon last day. For them, it was 10 days of vacation be thrilling. At 2 hours local time on November 14th (Beijing time 13 evening seven two), 7.8 earthquake occurred in Central South Island of New Zealand, the epicenter near the town of Kai ikura houses collapsed, roads cracked, interruption of power supply, the only access to the outside of the road was blocked, become "isolated island". At that time, she and her husband are in this town, including their from around the world more than one thousand tourists trapped. When people are helpless, fear struck, China consulate under the package all the local available helicopters, including the Lin Lin couple, Chinese tourists take out. The honeymoon, they want to escape the earthquake encountered has no way the 25 year old Lin is a Wenzhou hospital accounting. In November 10th, she and her husband Fu went to New Zealand honeymoon, accompanied by 4 friends and 1 children. The 18 day, she by WeChat, told reporters about the incident: the day before the incident, several companions just fishing back, eating a seafood meal, live in a small seaside villa. At that time, we were still asleep. All of a sudden, all the drawers in the room were opened and the glass was broken. We and our companions quickly ran to the open lawn. At this time, the New Zealand next door neighbor took a bucket of water back to us, we 7 people sent a pot of hot tea, said that if he can find food at any time. After the earthquake, aftershocks continued, the circuit, the telephone and the network are also interrupted, but our house is still strong. 7 of us sat for hours in a small villa, because it’s too sleepy, few people take turns vigil, other people and clothes to sleep, just to the earthquake occurs, can successfully escape. Day, we decided to drive away from Kaikoura. Kaikoura is actually a headland north of New Zealand’s South Island, is surrounded by mountains, the earthquake caused landslides in Kaikoura to make contact with the outside world only a road completely blocked. That is to say, we can’t leave here at all. It’s like a movie. Neighbors and local police told me to go out of the Kaikoura road repair need at least five or six days. So we started to figure out how to save the food for the rest of the five days. Until 14 am local time, more than 8 points, the companion found a cell phone signal is relatively good peak, we have reported to the family peace. Calls to the embassy after a helicopter parked in front of the villa as a bank into helplessness and despair when they saw the embassy information in a WeChat public number, they try to Chinese Embassy in New Zealand to play calls. That night, the embassy staff will give them back, ask them the next morning more than 7 points in the collection point, take a helicopter to the largest city of New Zealand’s South Island Christchurch (Christchurch). Unexpectedly, the evening of 14, they rented a villa suddenly stopped a helicopter. "We thought the plane was coming"相关的主题文章: