Wenzhou Construction Bank can make an appointment Sun Zhongshan commemorative coins-嘿嘿taxi

Wenzhou Construction Bank may make an appointment Sun Zhongshan commemorative coins yesterday, according to the China Construction Bank branch, the Construction Bank in Zhejiang province to undertake the exclusive appointment of commemorative coins issued by the work of Sun Zhongshan. Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s birthday 150 anniversary commemorative coins will be held from October 25th to November 4th. Wenzhou residents may be in accordance with the agreed time, held in the reservation system in the registration of valid identity documents, to the appointment of the Wenzhou branch of China Construction Bank to arrange for the relevant business exchange. How to make an appointment to make an appointment to implement the real name system, the need to register the identity card and other valid identity card number and cell phone contact. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the effective identity documents include: identity cards, Hong Kong and Macao residents of the mainland pass, Taiwan residents from the mainland pass, foreign passport or permanent residence permit foreigners. Sun Zhongshan yuan per person booking, exchange limit of 10. As the public on behalf of others to receive the Sun Zhongshan coins, need to hold the original ID is to receive the registration in the appointment system in the handle, and collect the number of no more than 5 coins of course construction bank preferred mobile phone booking, fast and convenient, whenever and wherever possible. Mobile banking appointment Raiders what you are still waiting for the mobile phone bank booking to let you fly up to the nearest Construction Bank signed a contract to open it!相关的主题文章: