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At night the children not to go to bed on time will affect the IQ of what the experts say children at night do not sleep on time, will affect the IQ? Hangzhou pediatrician said: sleep disorders will affect the child’s physical development, but many children do not sleep well from the parents sleep late at night the children not to sleep will affect IQ? Recently, the results of a study published in "Journal of epidemiology and community health, really let the young parents who nightlife pinch to sweat. In the end this argument does not make sense? How to help children develop a good sleep habits? Yesterday, Hangzhou a few pediatricians expressed their views. The case of the real impact of sleep on IQ is rare – a study done by the University College London. The researchers asked more than 1.1 children aged 7 to ask their parents about their children’s family life at age 3, 5, and at the age of 7. Results: the children to bed at the age of 3 time is not the law, they will lead to lower scores in IQ tests; there seems to be no effect at the age of 5, sleep time is not the law; but the girl in bed at the age of 7 time is not the law, will lead to the low IQ test scores. This means that 3 years of age is a critical period for children’s brain development. The results of this study, the seven hospital of Hangzhou, director of the Department of child psychology, Zhou Guoling’s first reaction is that it is possible. Zhou has been concerned about the relationship between children’s sleep and psychological: he said: "0 to 3 years old, the central nervous system and the brain development of children is not complete, they are like a dry sponge, to absorb all kinds of information can come into contact with the outside world, often a few days did not see significant change it is changing with each passing day." When people sleep, the brain and body rest hormone secretion of the most productive time, if this time deprived of the ability to absorb and preserve the brain, new information is limited, if things go on like this, sleep bad children naturally with sleep good children have difference. Moreover, in addition to the brain, the child’s sleep will also affect the height, weight and other indicators of growth and development. However, all of the analysis is based on the theoretical level. From the clinical point of view, Zhou said, the doctors put more attention on the relationship between genetic and organic brain disease, trauma and IQ, but really because of poor sleep due to low IQ cases, he became a doctor for so many years has not met. Cultivate children sleep good habits in key parents about irregular sleep will affect the children’s argument, whether theoretical or clinical based on whether there is a scientific basis, to help the child develop a good sleep habits, always sound good. Zhou said: "according to the demand growth, the child needs in each growth process of sleep time is different, like a baby every day total sleep time to reach more than 15 hours, 13 hours, 12 preschool, primary school to ensure the 10 – 12 hours, 10 hours, 8 middle school, and to the above senior high school high school and sleep time is close to 8 hours a day or so to adults." Outpatient department of Pediatrics in Hangzhou, a hospital, Lang Yaqin, deputy director of the physician often encountered some children do not love to reflect the parents sleep"相关的主题文章: